Pray with Us: Dangerous Flooding in Bihar, India

Heavy rain over the past couple of weeks has led to extreme flooding in Bihar, India. Bihar is where our sponsored church planters live and work; several of them are directly affected by this flooding. Many of these photos were taken by one of our sponsored church planters, who himself lost a family member in the flood.

Our partners in India informed us of this disastrous flooding that has affected 7.2 million people and hundreds of villages. People have been forced to leave their homes and stay with family and at impromptu shelters. 97 people have been reported dead and dozens have been injured according to Bihar's state disaster management department. That number could go up as six rivers are flowing above the danger level and continue to flood. 

Many of the shelters that are housing people don't have running water and electricity. It's also a four to five hour wait for gasoline and there isn't much food available. These factors compounded with dealing with the loss of loved ones make it hard to function and have hope. 

Pray for Bihar, that the rains will stop and flooding will come to an end. 

Pray for those who have lost loved ones in the flooding, that Jesus will heal the broken hearted.

Pray for those injured by the flooding, that their wounds will heal.

Pray for the relief and rehabilitation work.

Pray that God will be people's constant companion in these times of need. 

Pray that God will move in his merciful power to meet needs and protect people. 

Pray for our church planters, that God will give them the words needed to help heal and comfort those affected.

Kayli Thompson
Kayli Thompson


Editor for Jesus' Economy