Providing the Hope of Jesus to Abandoned Women and Children

Advik, our newest church planter, partnered with Jesus’ Economy in September 2016 and is working in villages that are extremely impoverished and severely lacking in men. Despite these difficulties, Advik has reached more than 1,000 people with the name of Jesus. 

Proving the Reliability of Jesus

In these villages in Bihar, India, education for children seems to be the least important issue for locals. Not because they don’t value it but because they’re just trying to find food, on a daily basis. They don’t know where their next meal will come from or when. Men will travel outside the states to find jobs and once they get one, they generally don’t send money or help their families back in the remote villages of Bihar. They leave and don’t look back.

This leaves the women of the villages to do the work that the men aren’t there to do, on top of the work the women already perform, and they get paid very low wages for their hard labor. Advik has devoted much of his time reaching out to these women and children, bringing the hope of Jesus to their lives; he is a man they can count on.


Bringing Real Personal Change to Real People

Advik's efforts in 2016, just four short months of the year, resulted in five bible studies with 16 believers attending and five new baptisms performed. With this being his first full year as a church planter with Jesus’ Economy, Advik has set some ministry goals. He would like to see more house churches and Bible studies established, along with several more people coming to Christ. If he continues to diligently minister in the way he has been, he will go above and beyond his goals. 

Advik is fulfilling his calling and acting upon what Jesus wants his followers to do. He is practicing religion that is pure and undefiled before God, the kind talked about in James 1:27. He is caring for the orphans and widows during their hardships. 

One of the ways he will be taking care of the women and children is by establishing a literacy training center. He will also fulfill even further the mission of Jesus' Economy by establishing empowering women programs in Bihar, India that allow women to have sustainable jobs. 

With these goals and plans ahead, Advik will reach villagers in these impoverished remote villages like never before.

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Kayli Thompson
Kayli Thompson


Editor for Jesus' Economy