Get Ready for Winter with Handmade Ponchos from Nepal

Cheppu from Himalaya, a fair trade organization, and a new partner of Jesus’ Economy, uses inspiration from Nepalese tradition to craft scarves, shrugs, and ponchos to share with the western world. These handmade articles are created with renewable and recycled materials and honor the earth as well as the culture they come from.

Cheppu is committed to making the world a better place, and in addition to sharing culture and being environmentally conscious, the organization also sponsors students from the elementary to university level, helps indigenous farmers convert their farms to organic methods, and works with an aid program to provide relief from the 2015 earthquake.

Ponchos from Nepal

Each of Cheppu’s products is made with hope of a restored future. Each article is intricately designed and woven for all kinds of styles. If you’re looking for a style to keep you warm this winter, the ponchos are a wonderful choice to bundle up in. It’s comfy enough to curl up in with a good book, but also sophisticated to add to an outfit around town. We have three colors, so you can choose one perfect for you. And while you’re shopping, why not get ahead on holiday gifts? Check out all the scarves, shrugs, and ponchos, and find something for your mom, grandma, aunt, or bff.


Ponchos from Nepal: Royal Purple


Ponchos from Nepal: Charcoal


Ponchos from Nepal: Wine

Be an advocate for fair trade and look fashionable by buying a poncho from Nepal.

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Charlotte Van Werven
Charlotte Van Werven


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