Revamping the Renew Bihar, India Project

I am proud to introduce the revamped Renew Bihar, India project and website: Read new personal stories. Enjoy gorgeous new photos. See our progress and plans. And engage with our field reports.

See the New Renew Bihar Website

The New Renew Bihar Website

Renew Bihar, India is a critical initiative of Jesus' Economy; and this project is making the world a better place. We're seeing lives transformed, as basic needs are met and people hear the gospel for the first time. The new Renew Bihar website tells the story of Bihar and our work there; it offers you a glimpse into the lives of those we're empowering. Together, we're renewing hope, hearts, and homes.

The new Renew Bihar, India website also details the revised Renew Bihar project. The changes to the Renew Bihar project mark a significant shift in the overall scope of the project. These changes were developed with our primary partner in India and recently reviewed and unanimously approved by our Board of Directors.

We're Doing Less, So We Can Do It Better

Making significant changes to live projects is a necessity for all organizations. Plans rarely hold up in real life; you have to improvise to ensure your efforts meet the highest quality standards and that you deliver. This willingness to make necessary changes is especially critical in the effort to alleviate poverty and provide access to the gospel.

Jesus' Economy is committed to constantly rethinking our approach in order to effectively create jobs and churches in the developing world. In this regard, our $345,000 Renew Bihar project has now been reduced to a $60,000 project. (We're also raising an additional equivalent of $10,000 through gifts-in-kind type donations, taking the total project value to $70,000.)

We're doing less than we originally planned, but we're doing it better and more efficient. The Renew Bihar project now has more clarity and focus.

5 Reasons Why We Revamped Renew Bihar

Here's why we're revamping the Renew Bihar project and the changes we're making.

  1. We want to give our planned four church planters the support they deserve, and this means narrowing our focus to only supporting four planters (rather than 18). Each planter is supported for three years until their churches become self-sufficient. (An optional fourth year of sponsorship may be made available at a later time, if the planters need longer for their churches to become self-sufficient.)
  2. We've already sponsored four water wells, one per region that our church planters are working in. In light of the change to sponsor four planters, the planned water well project has also been narrowed in scope (from 18 wells to four wells).
  3. We want to give the Empowering Women Program the attention it needs, so we have decided to not establish a medical clinic at this time. The Empowering Women Program is very complicated and innovative and we want to be sure we execute it well. (We will be contacting anyone who has given to the medical clinic or related funds to ask them which fund they would like to designate their previous donations to instead.)
  4. When we first began the Renew Bihar project, our primary partner in India did not have their own facility. They do now, so much of the cost of the Empowering Women Program has been reduced, since establishing a business training facility is now much less expensive. We've also found other cost reduction methods in terms of the training itself; this will allow for us to do the same work with less money.
  5. We still have the ability to re-expand the Renew Bihar project at a later time, but the new plan represents our current focus and goals. (If we were to expand the project further, it would likely involve training the next generation of church leaders. We are seeing so many people come to Christ that we're actively praying and contemplating how we can equip new believers in Jesus.)

Thank You for Joining Us in Renewing Bihar

We appreciate your ongoing support of the Renew Bihar project and believe that these changes represents a significant advancement in the project. We will now be able to better execute this most important initiative. The revised project and fiscal goals are more manageable and many, many lives will be transformed as we meet these goals.

Please let me know if you have any questions. I'm directly available at

Thank you again for joining us in creating jobs, planting churches, and meeting basic needs. Thank you for partnering with us to renew hope, hearts, and homes.

View the New Renew Bihar Website

John Barry
John Barry


CEO, President, and Founder of Jesus' Economy. John is the author/coauthor of 12 books and General Editor of Faithlife Study Bible and Lexham Bible Dictionary.