How the Gospel Reached an Unreached People Group

Santhosh is making waves across Bihar, India. He has brought the gospel to 32 villages. Due to his work, more than 6,000 people have heard the name of Jesus for the first time in their lives. His incredible devotion and tireless work since being sponsored as a church planter by Jesus’ Economy in April 2014 is evident in those numbers. He continues to impact many villagers, bringing about positive change in their lives.


In one of the villages Santhosh works, he met Aashi. She was raised with local, religious practices, which involve cultic and mystical rituals to engage the spiritual realm.

Aashi’s family was very worried about her because she was exhibiting signs of spiritual oppression and they didn’t know what to do. On her wedding day when she and her husband-to-be were standing at the altar about to say their vows, she began to be violent. It was as if some evil spirit was refusing to let her get married. Aashi’s parents tried using standard cultic practices to get rid of the oppression but nothing was working. In a moment of clarity, she was able to ask her parents to call Santhosh, knowing of his work in her village. She requested that he come pray for her. Santhosh brought other Christians with him and they spent time in prayer to relieve her of the evil, spiritual oppression. Through their prayers, she was healed and subsequently chose to believe in Jesus and his healing power.


Santhosh has inserted himself into more than just the spiritual development of the villages he ministers to. He is also involved in educational and economical development. He is running three literacy centers where 90 children are receiving primary education, as well as facilitating a tailor training program for more than 40 women. Through these programs, Santhosh has been able to make an even bigger impact. He is renewing hearts with the love of Jesus and communities by showing Jesus’ love in practice.

In 2016, Santhosh added 14 house churches and eight Bible studies in the region that he is working. When the third year of his sponsorship ends, these, along with the other house churches and Bible studies, should be completely self-sustaining. 

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Kayli Thompson
Kayli Thompson


Editor for Jesus' Economy