Selection Sunday: Fair Trade Products We Love - The Tori

Every Sunday, we will be featuring products from the Fair Trade Shop selected by a member of the Jesus' Economy team. Every product selected is one they've personally bought, used, and fallen in love with. 

This week's pick was selected by Rachel Thompson, executive assistant and manager of our Instagram page. 

Bags from Haiti: The Tori 

The supple goat leather, locally-sourced and processed in Haiti, elegantly meets the strength of the canvas in this ingenious bag from Jubilee, Haiti's talented sewing group. Each bag features an interior zip pocket and fabric lining. You'll be surprised at how much you can fit inside! Pick up your fair trade Tori bag and support the creativity of these artists today! 

Rachel uses the bag as her purse, fitting a plethora of items inside, which is needed as she's a mom of two active kiddos. It's durable and fits her on-the-go lifestyle of a busy mom who holds down two part-time jobs plus her volunteer position at Jesus' Economy. 

"I love my Tori bag from Haiti! It is made from durable goat leather and comes with denim stitching on the inside. It has two cell phone/accessory pockets in the front, and a hidden zipper on the inside. It’s my favorite every day bag because it is durable, yet fashion forward. And best of all, it is handmade and contributed to its artisan’s livelihood and hope." - Rachel 

Pick up your Tori bag from Haiti today! 

Kayli Thompson
Kayli Thompson


Contributing Editor for Jesus' Economy