Down in the cerrado-covered lands of central Brazil, natural resources are being turned into art. Valquiria (pictured middle) and her fellow artists are producing amazing handwoven goods out of the renewable, local resource, golden grass.

Bring this bright, beautiful material into your home and wardrobe. Support entrepreneurship in this diverse country, filled with beauty and brokenness.

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Sometimes all you need is just a little bling; a little bling to brighten your day when you glance at it, no matter what kind of day you're having. 

These products from the Fair Trade Shop have just the right amount of bling combined with the power of economic justice. When you look at the piece, not only will the shine brighten your day, it will brighten your smile because it will remind you of the income you helped provide for a family. All with one simple purchase. 

Golden Grass Products

The beautiful capim dourado or 'golden grass' used in our Brazilian woven grass collections can be found growing in the Tocantins region of Brazil, where our artist partners, Raimunda and Moracir, live. It is a protected resource, and its raw grasses cannot be exported. Only the finished grass products of the indigenous peoples of Brazil can be brought into your home--making these items unique and valuable. It is durable, flexible and lightweight, making it perfect for jewelry and basket making. 








Find so many more golden grass products from Brazil in our Fair Trade Shop, plus even more products that, depending on your style, might just be your kind of bling to brighten your day.

Our moms work really hard, and we get to celebrate them in a few weeks on Mother’s Day. If you’re still looking for that special gift for the moms in your life, consider shopping fair trade, and check out all the beautiful gift options we have!

Fair Trade Products Moms Will Love

Earrings from Brazil: Solta Golden Grass Pendants

A new pair of earrings is a treat, and here is a lovely pair that is classy and fun. These earrings can be worn with formal, business, or casual outfits, which makes them practical, too!

Bracelets from Brazil: Blue Rocha Golden Grass

This bracelet has the elegance of real gold, but is much sturdier for everyday wear. Woven with golden grass, a strong Brazilian plant, this bracelet will hold its shape, too. It’s also perfect for any moms with metal-sensitive skin, and is available with stones in white, pink, and black!

Baskets from Haiti: Market Basket

A good basket is a great thing to have, and if your mom doesn’t have one yet, take a look at this one. It is the perfect size for fruits and veggies from the farmer’s market, or for a small picnic at the park. It is made from 100% sweetgrass—an all-natural, renewable, and water resistant resource in Haiti.

Kitchen Towels from Guatemala: Striped in Berry Jubilee

Handwoven with 100% cotton, these kitchen towels are vibrant and durable. There are dozens of other colors, so you can find the right pattern to match your mom’s kitchen. These towels are easy to take care of and are machine washable and dryable.

Aprons from Guatemala: Wide Caramel

Is your mom’s apron getting a little ragged? Buy her a new one that’s both fashionable and supports families around the world.

Tote Bags from Guatemala: Beach Tote in Carousel

It’s almost beach season, and this tote is just the thing for your mom to carry everything she needs as she goes out and about this summer. It’s cute, large enough to carry everything from books to snacks, and is lined with waterproof material.

Gift Card

And if you’re looking for a gift, but can’t find that ‘just right’ something, get her a gift card! A gift card for can be used at the fair trade store, or it can be used to make a donation to one of our programs to end poverty in Bihar, India.

Honor the mothers in your life and get them something special. While you’re at it, purchase a handmade Mother’s Day card from Haiti to go with it.

Decorative baskets can be a wonderful addition to your home, especially when they're functional and made by hand. We carry a wide variety of hand-woven baskets in our Fair Trade Shop that you can use in your home to add a bit of beauty and functionality. 

Banana Leaf Nesting Cubes from Rwanda

These handcrafted boxes are a wonderful way to stay organized and hold your belongings beautifully, in fair trade style. Choose from our range of sizes, or choose a nesting set of three. Crafted from banana leaves and stalks, these cubes are strong and sturdy, with open handholds. The large size is designed to fit into all your modular storage shelves.

Baskets from Rwanda: Teardrop Tri-Color

The Teardrop Basket is handcrafted by artisans of the Peace Baskets Cooperative using the same age-old techniques found in Rwanda’s national museum. Lightweight and delicately woven, this basket makes a beautiful display piece, or can be used to store various treasures! Stands 11.5" tall.

Baskets from Brazil: Aguarde Oval Basket with Lid

The beautiful capim dourado or 'golden grass' used in our Brazilian woven grass basket collections can be found growing in the Tocantins region of Brazil. It is a protected resource, and its raw grasses cannot be exported. Only the finished grass products of the indigenous peoples of Brazil can be brought into your home--making these items unique and valuable. It comes in three different sizes to suit your needs whether it's for jewelry, keys, knick-knacks, or some delicious baked goods.

Baskets from Haiti: Casserole 14" x 10" 

This fair trade casserole basket from Haiti is perfect for transporting your favorite casserole dish or just for sprucing it up. It can also be used for storing items or filled with potted plants to make a beautiful centerpiece or window sill decoration. The possibilities are endless!

 Banana Leaf Divided Serving Tray From Rwanda

The Banana Divided Serving Tray is crafted from the locally-gathered leaves and stalks of banana trees. Artisans use a specially designed, handmade needle to thread dried banana leaves around the banana stalks. The result is a super-sturdy tray that’s great for carrying cups. It can be used for all sorts of things like a little shelf or a storage unit for craft supplies; we like to use the tray to hold boxes of tea bags- it’s great for serving guests!

Baskets from Rwanda: Tea Blossom

These woven baskets are created from dyed natural sisal fibers woven over a core of forest grasses. The tea color is created when the naturally-white sisal fibers are steeped in Rwandan-grown tea leaves. The large basket is flat on the bottom and makes a beautiful tray for serving or display. Imagine the medium basket on your dining room table filled with warm bread or fruit. The small basket is a beautiful way to hold jewelry or keys, or it may be filled with small treats and used as a gift basket. Each basket has a loop on the back for hanging- the trio looks gorgeous on a blank wall. They come in a variety of colors and patterns.

All of these baskets would look wonderful in your home while carrying a beautiful story of hope. The Jesus' Economy Fair Trade Shop carries several more basket options whether for beauty or storage. Check out our selection of baskets. 

In Brazil, Joelma creates and sells golden grass jewelry for a fair wage in order to support her family. Through her business, she empowers herself and her community. Because of her partnership with Brazil-focused non-profit, Cross Trade (a new partner organization of Jesus' Economy), she is able to start a more hopeful and stable future.

Her jewelry is made from golden grass, a local resource in Brazil. Golden grass is a renewable and protected resource, and is perfect for jewelry because it is lightweight, durable, and easy to weave.


Bracelets from Brazil: Segmento Golden Grass 

If you’re looking for a new bracelet, look no further. This darling bracelet is beautiful and fun—just what you need for the spring. Because it is woven with golden grass, a lightweight and durable resource, instead of metal, this bracelet is also perfect for anyone with sensitive skin. This bracelet makes a statement about fashion, but more importantly, a statement about hope.


Fair trade is a responsible way to shop and creates stability for communities all over the world. 

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Erlane's (pictured with his children) woven golden grass jewelry is bought for fair wages, thus providing a sustainable income for his family. He is able to meet his family’s basic needs and contribute to the stability of his future. Through his partnership with Brazil-based non-profit, Cross Trade (a new partner organization of Jesus' Economy), he is able to begin the journey of lifting himself and those around him out of poverty through economic opportunity and empowerment.

He makes earrings from golden grass, a local resource in Brazil. Golden grass is a protected resource, and its raw grasses cannot be exported. Only the finished grass products can leave the country and therefore, be brought into your home—making these items unique and valuable. The indigenous people of Brazil have been crafting goods from golden grass for hundreds of years because of its durable, flexible, and lightweight nature.


Earrings from Brazil: Golden Grass Ropa  

These fabulous and classy earrings can complement many of your dressy and work outfits. They are simple and professional, but dainty and fun. You can’t go wrong with these fairly traded earrings!


Earrings from Brazil: Golden Grass Stranded Loop  

If you wear a lot of earrings, then you know loop earrings are an essential item in your jewelry box. They pair nicely with casual and fancy attire, and these fair trade loop earrings from Brazil are no different. These versatile earrings are beautiful, and purchasing them helps Erlane provide for his family.


Shopping fair trade helps lift entire families out of poverty.

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Our Fair Trade Shop is full of several handmade products that we love, and one item we have a lot of are beautiful sets of earrings. We've picked five pairs that you'll be sure to fall in love with and want to purchase whether it's for you, your mom, best friend, or sister. 

Earrings from Rwanda: Colorful Woven Loop 

These trendy disc earrings are made by a group of female weavers from Rwanda. They are made with all-natural sisal fibers, using an age old basket weaving technique to create lightweight discs that feel elegant to wear. Completing the look, the hoops are fastened onto hypoallergenic earring hooks.

Earrings from Haiti: Leather Feather

These handmade, fair trade earrings are modern and chic. Made by a co-op of Haitian women from Jubilee, Haiti, each earring represents a great cause. These ladies have dreams of running their own businesses, sending their kids to school, and supporting their families.

Earrings from Haiti: Hammered Loop 

Loop earrings are a great asset to any woman’s jewelry collection. Add this pair for a unique and modern touch. Hand-hammered in Haiti, these earrings are a fashionable accessory that will complete your look and empower artisans through fair trade.

Earrings from Brazil: Golden Grass Ropa

Golden grass is a protected resource, and its raw grasses cannot be exported. Only the finished grass products of the indigenous peoples of Brazil can be brought into your home--making these items unique and valuable. It is durable, flexible and lightweight, making it perfect for jewelry.

Earrings from Haiti: Trendy Tassel

Not just for ceremony, you can wear these tassel earrings any day you like! And you'll have reason to celebrate when you realize that you've helped women in extreme poverty situations earn a living.

Whatever your style or preference, we know you will be able to find a set of earrings you'll want to wear time and time again. Shop fair trade jewelry to empower women all over the globe. 

In beautiful Mateiros, Tocantins in eastern Brazil, woven goods artist, Silvania, is trying to make a living for her family. When Cross Trade, a new partner organization of Jesus' Economy, first met Silvania, she was creating beautiful woven items and selling them for next to nothing in exchange for only a bag of rice to feed her family. Cross Trade was able to invest in her work and pay her double her original sales price per piece. This has helped Silvania make huge strides in bringing her family out of poverty and into a more stable, hopeful future. 

Baskets from Brazil: Golden Grass Cesta Trança  

This large basket, woven from golden grass, features beautiful braids in a traditional Brazilian design. Golden grass is a renewable resource in Brazil, and has been used for hundreds of years due to its sturdy and light structure. At 14” x 10” x 5”, this basket is ideal for placing an assortment of fruit or flowers. Imagine it as a centerpiece on your table!

Shopping fair trade brings hope to families all over the world.   

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In Brazil, Mariquita (pictured here) creates beautiful golden grass jewelry. She partners with Cross Trade (a new partner of Jesus’ Economy), an organization that works with artisans in Brazil to bring communities out of poverty. Through her partnership with Cross Trade, she is able to provide for herself and her family, giving them hope for a more stable future.

Golden grass is long-lasting and lightweight, making it perfect for jewelry. It also makes a great alternative for people with metal-sensitive skin! 

Bracelets from Brazil: Pink Rocha Golden Grass

Searching for a bracelet to pair with your new dress? Choose this one! It is created with strands of golden grass and features a polished river stone. This bracelet is also available in other colors. 

Bracelets from Brazil: Fino Golden Grass 

This bracelet is sophisticated and delicate, but also sturdy enough to withstand regular wear. Pair it with a dress for a fancy party, and buy a matching one for your friend.

Earrings from Brazil: Spiral Drop Golden Grass

These beautiful earrings are just the twist you’re looking for. The spiral design is timeless, and you can support fair trade while looking classy.

Necklaces from Brazil: Swirling Coils Golden Grass  

If you love bold jewelry, this necklace is perfect for you. It is big and fun, but the neutral color makes it an appropriate match for casual or dressy outfits.

Shopping fair trade is a great way to dress up your wardrobe and support artisans around the world. 

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Spring is almost here and it's time to start thinking about shedding our deep, rich colors and exchanging them for bright, airy colors. 

Gear up for spring with products from our fair trade shop that evoke a lightness every time you see them. 

Tote Bags from Haiti: Woven Straps

This tote just screams spring with its bright yellow color. Take this fun, colorful bag with you to the market! It's great for toting around whatever you need—from yarn to books to groceries!

Square Accent Pillows from Guatemala in Magenta

 With this bold pop of color, your bed or couch will be automatically ready for spring once you place this pillow on it. Plus, we offer many different shapes and patterns in vivid colors to help brighten up your home. 

 Scarves from Nepal: Lavender Shrug

When it comes to spring, oftentimes it means it is too warm for a jacket but too cold to go without. This lavender shrug strikes the perfect balance. 

Necklaces from Haiti: The Christella

Pops of light blue and yellow make this necklace ready for your spring wardrobe. Plus the hammered plate says "hope" to represent the artisans who make the necklace. And spring is hope for a new season, a fresh start. 

Kitchen Towels from Guatemala: Plaid Twill in Ocean Blue

Why leave all of the brightening up to your wardrobe and living room? Add brightness to your kitchen with these sturdy, hand-woven kitchen towels. 

Earrings from Rwanda: Colorful Woven Disc


These beautiful woven earrings come in a variety of eye-popping colors that seem to say "it's spring!" Plus you can find a bracelet to match. 

Daisy on Stem from Haiti

Flowers are a beautiful part of creation, and have long been used to tell stories, to uplift, and to adorn. A handmade, daisy is perfect for accenting your home and sprucing up your table.

Bracelet from Brazil: Solta Golden Grass Bangle in Light Blue

This light blue is reminiscent of a robin's egg and makes you feel ready for spring. It comes in a variety of other colors and made from golden grass, a sustainable source. 

No matter your preference or what you're looking for, our fair trade shop has it. And just in time for spring.