This Cyber Monday, be part of the story of families overcoming poverty. Shop to transform lives on
Every dollar is invested in the mission of creating jobs & churches for those who need them most.

Gift a Better Story

#GiftingStories — The Story of a New Kind of Commerce 

What if shopping meant something? What if the 'deal' mattered less and the people mattered more? There are people behind every product. With, your purchase means empowering those people. And it means making the world better for all people.

Every gift from Jesus' Economy comes with a story to share ... of lives being transformed through craft, culture, and a new type of commerce. There are gifts for everyone on your list on

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Fair Trade Journals
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3 Ways Shopping on Tells a Better Story

You can make the world better, simply with a smart shopping choice.

1. Creates Jobs for People from Extreme Poverty Situations — The Story of Fair Trade Wages and Ethical Standards

Extreme poverty usually begins in one of two places: a lack of living-wage jobs and corruption. The Fair Trade movement aims to fight both causes of poverty. Behind every product on is a story of people who can now provide for their families because they are making fair, livable wages. And their workplaces have strong ethical principles.

All product purchases create positive economic growth, because every company and organization we list products from are committed to: 

When you shop fair trade on, you're part of the story of life transformation for people from extreme poverty situations.

Who Your Shopping on Supports

Shop Fair Trade to Create Jobs

2. Ensures Jesus' Economy Can Continue the Mission — The Story of Reinvesting Every Dollar in Life Transformation

At the bottom of every product page on, you see icons like these because your shopping both creates jobs and funds our ongoing efforts.

Shopping on means being part of the story of a new type of commerce, one where every dollar is reinvested in the mission. Built into our prices is the cost for the product and a profit margin we reinvest in our ongoing efforts via our Operations Fund.

The Power of Shopping on

What's so special about shopping on is that your purchase supports the unique donation model of Jesus' Economy.

If you donate $100 to the developing world, we send the full $100. We call this the 100% to Developing World Model. But we still have other costs affiliated with your donation, such as setting up the project, spreading the word about our projects, credit card fees, travel to check on projects, and this website. We help cover these costs by reinvesting profit from your fair trade product purchase into our Operations Fund, which is specifically designated for our domestic costs.

Shop to Support the Movement

3. Empowers You to Be Part of a Better Story — The Story of a New Kind of Commerce

We reinvest every last dollar into the movement of creating jobs and churches. This is a story of innovating to break the cycle of poverty. We're here to empower you to be part of a better story.

This is the story of a new way of shopping, one that transforms the world. On, when you give and when you shop, you can help others.

Your gift from the Fair Trade Shop empowers artisans. And it furthers the movement of creating jobs and churches in the developing world.

This Cyber Monday, be part of the story of people defeating poverty. Tell a better story with your holiday shopping. #GiftingStories

Shop to Tell a Better Story


Let Your Holiday Shopping Tell a Story

Be part of the story of a new type of commerce. Let your holiday shopping tell a better story. #GiftingStories

Gift a Better Story

John Barry here, CEO of Jesus' Economy. Thank you to everyone who supported Jesus' Economy on #GivingTuesday. And thank you to all of you who shopped fair trade during Black Friday through Cyber Monday (and even into Giving Tuesday). We're creating a new global, spiritual and physical economy for those that need it most. Here's what we're accomplishing together.

1. Together, We're Creating Jobs for Artisans Overcoming Poverty via Fair Trade

For all of you who shop fair trade on, your shopping counts for transforming lives. You're looking consumerism in the face and saying, "We can do better than this. I can bless people with great and thoughtful gifts, while blessing those from extreme poverty situations."

Thanks to you, we're creating or sustaining hundreds of jobs this year. Without you shopping fair trade at, this wouldn't be possible. We're helping artisans lift themselves out of poverty, simply by how we shop. So thank you!

2. Together, We're Renewing Impoverished Communities

In one of the most impoverished places in the world, Jesus' Economy is planting churches and meeting basic needs. And later, once enough funds are raised, we will launch an economic development initiative in the same region.

And right now, we're giving clean water to the thirsty. And we're bringing the living water of Jesus to those who have never heard his name. All in the same communities! We're combining meeting basics needs with church planting. (This work is so impactful that Red Letter Christians recently featured it as a case study.)

What does this look like? Jesus' economy in action. Together, we're doing this. So thank you!

3. Together, We're Part of a Movement: Living Jesus' Economy

Every time you give and shop with Jesus' Economy, you're being part of the solution to the problems our world is facing. You're making our world a better place. And that inspires me. Together, we're showing the world what it means to live Jesus' economySo thank you!

Simply, thanks for living Jesus' economy with us. We're grateful to be part of this movement with you.

The fair trade deals continue ...

Shop hundreds of new handmade products!

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are usually days of consumerism. We need an alternative. What if there was a way to get your Christmas shopping done, while helping the impoverished?

This holiday season, give the gift of fair trade. To make it easy, we're continuing our Black Friday sale on Cyber Monday. Use coupon CYBERMONDAY and save 20% on any product in the Jesus' Economy Fair Trade Shop.

Shop from Hundreds of New Products!

This Christmas season, we've added hundreds of new products:

And back by popular demand, shop hand-painted Christmas cards from Kenya.

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Act now to get 15% off any fair trade product from Jesus' Economy: simply use coupon code CYBERMONDAY at checkout. We're offering this incredible deal to make shopping fair trade easy on you this year. We've also added more products since Black Friday. 

More Fair Trade Products from Haiti Now Available

Some of our most popular products by 2nd Story Goods are now available again! So even if you shopped on Black Friday, there are now more products available for you at 15% off. In addition, there are new journal sizes available and new colors available for our Rosette and Daisy clips.


Cyber Monday Deals that Make the World a Better Place, Shop to Help

What if you could shop and help others in the process? Your purchase from Jesus' Economy helps the artisan who made it, the organization they work through, and helps pay our administrative bills. Each person involved makes fair wages that improve their life. When you shop for Cyber Monday deals with us, you're not just getting a good deal; you're helping making the world a better place.

This deal expires on Monday December 8, 2014 at 11:59pm PST, so don't miss out: shop fair trade now.

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