It's still October which means it's still Fair Trade Month. The Jesus' Economy Fair Trade Shop is full of a plethora of quality products handmade by artisans all over the globe. Not only are they made by hand, but they're made from sustainable, renewable resources and with fair labor practices and fair pay. It's a win-win when you buy fair trade.

This month, we've put together a jewelry set for you, your friend, girlfriend, spouse, mom, daughter, whoever. 

Necklaces from Haiti: The Christella

This necklace is named after the woman who created it, Christella, who leads jewelry making in her community. It features clay beads, aluminum, and a leather cord. 

Earrings from Haiti: Aluminum Hoop

The hammered aluminum on these hoop earrings along with the small white bead will coordinate well with the Christella necklace. 

Bracelets from Haiti: Aluminum Bangles

This set of aluminum bangles completes the necklace and earring set perfectly. They are hand-hammered and made from 100% recycled aluminum. 

Whether you decide to wear these pieces all together or individually, they'll complete your outfit and possibly even start conversations with others. Or you can visit the Jesus' Economy Fair Trade Shop and put together your own jewelry set

Sometimes all you need is just a little bling; a little bling to brighten your day when you glance at it, no matter what kind of day you're having. 

These products from the Fair Trade Shop have just the right amount of bling combined with the power of economic justice. When you look at the piece, not only will the shine brighten your day, it will brighten your smile because it will remind you of the income you helped provide for a family. All with one simple purchase. 

Golden Grass Products

The beautiful capim dourado or 'golden grass' used in our Brazilian woven grass collections can be found growing in the Tocantins region of Brazil, where our artist partners, Raimunda and Moracir, live. It is a protected resource, and its raw grasses cannot be exported. Only the finished grass products of the indigenous peoples of Brazil can be brought into your home--making these items unique and valuable. It is durable, flexible and lightweight, making it perfect for jewelry and basket making. 








Find so many more golden grass products from Brazil in our Fair Trade Shop, plus even more products that, depending on your style, might just be your kind of bling to brighten your day.

Our world is more interconnected than ever before. We're leveraging those connections to renew communities.
Case-in-point: This week's special.
Give $50 to Renewing Bihar, India -- Get a Free Bracelet from Kenya!
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Get Your Gift, Donate Now

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This Special Offer is a Win-Win-Win! Here's how.

  1. For this special offer, Jesus' Economy has purchased beaded bracelets from impoverished Kenyan women at fair trade prices. Our purchase allows female artisans to provide for their families. Win!
  2. We're only $10,500 away from the next phase of our Renew Bihar project: launching our Empowering Women Program and funding two new church planters. We're going to help impoverished women provide for their families through business training and microloans. And our church planters are bringing the gospel to the unreached. Your donation equals the renewal of hearts and homes. Win!
  3. You get a free, beautiful bracelet when you give $50 or more. Win!
Give $50, Get a Bracelet

Seasons and fashion seem to go together. To kick off the sunshine, we’re holding a summer sale at Jesus’ Economy. (What better way is there to start summer?) And to celebrate summer fashion, here’s a rundown of summer fashion around the world.

Diversity and Culture in Fashion

As I was trying to guess what the summer trends are going to be this year, I came to the conclusion that the trend is essentially “our decision.” Of course, designers have already proposed their own interpretations of summer, but there doesn’t seem to be a set style.

If you’re like me, when you walk around the mall you’re shocked by the diversity of choices. This is now the fashion industry—choose who you are. Nothing seems to be particularly “in” or “out.” What’s “in” is to wear what you like; what’s “out” is to dress merely to impress.

It seems like the world is taking an approach at letting us, well, be us. Vogue editor-in-chief, Anna Wintour:

“Create your own style … let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable for others.”

Fashion is about the people. It’s about who we are and who we want to be. It’s about what kind of story we want to tell—or at least it should be.

“I believe fashion is an expression of your style,” says Abeer Nauman, an Indian Designer who puts pieces of herself into her designs. Fashion “reflects your personality and culture. It has the power to transform an image and make a social statement. So fashion defines who you are.”

In fashion, trends appear to be shaped by culture. Whatever direction a certain culture is heading, fashion will follow.

And as cultures are blending together in our interconnected world, what we are wearing reflects that. Fashion now reflects the fusion of different places.

Celebrating Differences: That’s What’s “In” This Summer

Right now, the “in” seems be a celebration of differences, diversity, and our merging cultures.

Through Jesus’ Economy fair trade shop, you can celebrate diversity with accessories from around the world. We have hairclips, bracelets, belts, headbands, necklaces, earrings, sandals, t-shirts, and bags from Haiti, Kenya, Rwanda, Zambia, and Uganda. From all of these places come many different styles and unique interpretations of culture. Nothing looks exactly the same, and all of it is “in” right now.

Help the World While Enjoying its Diverse Cultures

Even better than looking fashionable this summer in your unique accessories and apparel is making a purchase that gives hope to the artisans who created it. With Jesus’ Economy, you can do just that while also helping the global economy.

May your summer be filled with joy!


As you begin to slow down and enjoy the fashion of the season, don’t forget our summer sale: All Rwandan accessories are each $10 for 10 days! You have nine days left to get in on our first sale since Cyber Monday!



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Gratitude Month's Backstory

Handmade Bangle from RwandaWe are overwhelmed with gratitude each time one of you advocates for Jesus' Economygives to one of our causes, or makes a fair trade purchase from us. To show you how much we love you, we're dedicating a month to gratitude. From the weeks of May 20th to June 10th, we're giving away a free fair trade product each week to one lucky winner! Well, that was our initial plan until we got too excited and decided to give away two products each week. Our first giveaway was three weeks ago, two weeks ago we gave away two Hope Art handmade bracelets from Zambia, and last week we gave away two handmade Porcelain Bead Bracelets from Kenya.

Each week of Gratitude Month is focused on a featured fair trade product; we will also tell you the story behind the product.

Stay tuned for Thursday's blog post, when we will tell you the story behind the fair trade bangle from Rwanda.

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Thanks for helping make the world a better place! We love you all and cannot express enough how much we appreciate you.