It's still October which means it's still Fair Trade Month. The Jesus' Economy Fair Trade Shop is full of a plethora of quality products handmade by artisans all over the globe. Not only are they made by hand, but they're made from sustainable, renewable resources and with fair labor practices and fair pay. It's a win-win when you buy fair trade.

This month, we've put together a jewelry set for you, your friend, girlfriend, spouse, mom, daughter, whoever. 

Necklaces from Haiti: The Christella

This necklace is named after the woman who created it, Christella, who leads jewelry making in her community. It features clay beads, aluminum, and a leather cord. 

Earrings from Haiti: Aluminum Hoop

The hammered aluminum on these hoop earrings along with the small white bead will coordinate well with the Christella necklace. 

Bracelets from Haiti: Aluminum Bangles

This set of aluminum bangles completes the necklace and earring set perfectly. They are hand-hammered and made from 100% recycled aluminum. 

Whether you decide to wear these pieces all together or individually, they'll complete your outfit and possibly even start conversations with others. Or you can visit the Jesus' Economy Fair Trade Shop and put together your own jewelry set

Several years ago, the local parish of the Catholic Church in Gisagara District, a southern province in Rwanda, chose several vulnerable children to participate in a year-long program to learn how to basket-weave and in turn provide for themselves and their families. Each of the participants were orphans who were also charged with taking care of their younger siblings and/or elders. Among these children were Sixbert, Media, and Clementine (pictured above).

When their training was complete, and now that they were adults, the three friends decided to join their skills together to build a business. They formed the Amizero Cooperative and are now part of Azizi Life, a partner of Jesus’ Economy. Azizi Life, a fair trade organization dedicated to working with artisans who receive fair wages for their labor, represents 25 independent artisan groups throughout Rwanda. The income the creators earn helps them maintain their businesses and provide for their families, including now having access to medical insurance, school supplies, healthier foods, and financial independence. Azizi Life is transforming Rwandan communities through artists like Sixbert, Media, and Clementine.

A few years ago, Sixbert and Media got married, and now they are building a family. With the money they have earned from their business, they have been able to construct a home with electricity and water for their family, and Clementine has been able to buy land locally.

Sixbert, Media, and Clementine’s specialty is creating home goods from hand twisted banana twine. Leaves and stalks of banana trees are a renewable resource in Rwanda, and if they are woven skillfully, the products will be sturdy and last for many years.

Banana Twine Panier from Rwanda

Together Sixbert, Media, and Clementine are running a successful business, and it is their togetherness and their craft that is leading them toward amizero: hope.

Shop Amizero Cooperative Products


Down in the cerrado-covered lands of central Brazil, natural resources are being turned into art. Valquiria (pictured middle) and her fellow artists are producing amazing handwoven goods out of the renewable, local resource, golden grass.

Bring this bright, beautiful material into your home and wardrobe. Support entrepreneurship in this diverse country, filled with beauty and brokenness.

Use coupon code BRZ2018 to save 10% on all Brazilian made products through Oct 6th!


 Shop the Brazil Collection  

Sometimes all you need is just a little bling; a little bling to brighten your day when you glance at it, no matter what kind of day you're having. 

These products from the Fair Trade Shop have just the right amount of bling combined with the power of economic justice. When you look at the piece, not only will the shine brighten your day, it will brighten your smile because it will remind you of the income you helped provide for a family. All with one simple purchase. 

Golden Grass Products

The beautiful capim dourado or 'golden grass' used in our Brazilian woven grass collections can be found growing in the Tocantins region of Brazil, where our artist partners, Raimunda and Moracir, live. It is a protected resource, and its raw grasses cannot be exported. Only the finished grass products of the indigenous peoples of Brazil can be brought into your home--making these items unique and valuable. It is durable, flexible and lightweight, making it perfect for jewelry and basket making. 








Find so many more golden grass products from Brazil in our Fair Trade Shop, plus even more products that, depending on your style, might just be your kind of bling to brighten your day.

In Terrier Rouge, a small farming community in northern Haiti, a group of teenage girls meets to make greeting cards. These cards are sold for fair wages, and the girls are able to save money for education and pursuing their dreams through their partnership with Woven Grace, a partner of Jesus’ Economy.

The Terrier Rouge Teens attend St. Barthelemy on US scholarships, but if they want to pursue jobs or further education after graduation, they have no options. There are no jobs in Terrier Rouge and no means to seek employment in Cap-Haitien, which is almost an hour away. The Woven Grace Fair Trade program provides these girls with a way to earn an income, save money for the future, and pursue their dreams.

Now, with the money they earn selling cards, these ladies have the opportunity to save money for the chance to break the cycle of poverty and give themselves a more hopeful future.

Fair Trade Greeting Cards from Haiti

Thinking of You 'Cat'


Thinking of You with Flower


Love You!


Happy Birthday!


All Occasions Card


Greeting Cards Box (Set of 6) 


Thousands of people in Haiti live in poverty making it near impossible for families to earn enough money to break through the system. These people are suffering and many children end up on the streets to fend for themselves. But Woven Grace, a new partner of Jesus’ Economy, is working to change that through the Streethearts' Safe House.

The young men of the Streethearts' Safe House in Cap-Haitien, Haiti, were once living on the street, using drugs, prostitution, stealing, and any other means possible to get food and shelter. Streethearts offers them a safe place to live, receive education to meet their learning levels, and develop the life skills needed to rise above extreme poverty.

Woven Grace has introduced the journal-making program at Streethearts as a way for these teens to learn business skills and start a pattern toward a better future. Next time you need a new journal, consider buying one from Streethearts and join their fight to exit poverty.

Journals by Streethearts' Teens


If you love vibrant colors and patterns that pop, here are some wonderful fair trade products just for you! These fair trade items are fun and exciting, but they also tell stories about hope for the artisans who made them. Fair trade businesses are a necessary source of income and stability for many artisans, and these businesses allow families to grow stronger and build toward breaking a cycle of poverty. So check out these gorgeous products, and when the amazing patterns catch your friends’ eyes, take a moment to talk about fair trade and how fair trade creates jobs and livelihood around the world.

To read more about how fair trade changes lives for the better, check out our blog posts featuring many of the amazing artisans we cooperate with!



Children being forced to work in horrible conditions is a very real issue that affects much of the world. There are more than152 million children from the ages of 5 to 17 in child labour, according to the International Labour Organization (ILO). This is why the ILO started World Day against Child Labour, to help bring awareness and end it all together. 

Here at Jesus' Economy, we strive to bring families hope and lift them out of poverty by offering artisans the opportunity to sell their fair trade goods on the western market. This helps bring them more income than they ever dreamed possible and in turn, helps break the cycle of poverty. It enables the parents to be able to afford education for their children. It means that children can stop working because their parents are bringing in enough money to stabilize the family. In countries all over the world, we've provided a way for families to let their kids be kids and not have to go to work to help sustain the family. 

Through our Renew Bihar program and our Fair Trade Shop, we're helping to eradicate child labour. Join us won't you? 


Taking care of the earth is so important, but it can be difficult to do while shopping. Figuring out where to find environmentally responsible products can take a lot of time and research. Many large department stores sell products made with chemicals and synthetic fabrics that won’t decompose, and the factories emit harmful greenhouse gases. If you want to change the way you shop, take a look at the Fair Trade Store at We have many beautiful and long-lasting products that are gentle on the earth both in how they are made and in how they will eventually decompose—but don’t worry, that will be long after you are done using them.

Environmentally Friendly Fair Trade Jewelry

Here are some beautiful fair trade jewelry items that are kind to the environment.


Earrings from Brazil: Golden Grass Ropa

These earrings are made from golden grass, a renewable resource in Brazil. Golden grass is known for its strength and durability, yet it is also great for the environment because it is completely natural and renewable.


Bracelets from Brazil: Blue Rocha Golden Grass

This bracelet looks as dainty as real gold, but is actually made from Brazilian golden grass. The grass is naturally flexible, lightweight, and sturdy, making this bracelet practical for you and for the earth. It also features a polished river stone from Brazil.


Seed Wrap Bracelet from Haiti

The seeds on this bracelet are similar to coffee beans and are locally sourced, environmentally clean, and a fashionable alternative bead.


Necklaces from Haiti: Glass Daisy

A great way to minimize your environmental impact is by recycling, and this necklace recycles in style. The pendant is made from locally sourced recycled glass and is wrapped with recycled aluminum.


Necklaces from Haiti: Aluminum Loop, Clay Bead

The pendant on this necklace from Haiti is made with locally sourced clay and recycled aluminum. The materials are safe for the earth and make you stand out.

Add some dazzling fair trade jewelry to your wardrobe and honor the earth while you wear it.

It's a new year and you've decided to reinvent yourself, start fresh. You're making big changes in your life and feeling inspired. Maybe one of those inspirations is to redecorate your apartment or home, or maybe you're planning on moving all together. Whatever it is, we've got the goods to make your new year dreams come true. 

Pillows to accent your bed or couch 


These canvas and leather pillows from Haiti come in 2 sizes and 2 different patterns. They're made from locally-sourced canvas and goat leather so you know they'll stand the test of time. 

Rugs to keep your toes warm in the bathroom and the hall 

This 36" x 24" mat from Haiti would look great in your bathroom as a shower mat. It is hand woven from goat leather and can be used inside or out. 

Woven from recycled cotton fabric strips, this circle rug is sure to brighten up your hallway. The fibers used are their natural colors and made from locally-sourced cotton. This rug can be used inside or outside. 

Deck out your table with colorful pieces

This photo features the beautiful mustard plaid table runner and the violet pinstripe napkin. They are hand woven from 100% cotton by Guatemalan artisans. There are several color and pattern options in our fair trade shop for decorating your table. 

Organization bins that are stunning and functional 

Cube storage is the current trend for organizing your home and we have quite a few options to choose from depending on your needs. Made in Rwanda from woven banana tree leaves means these are built to last. 

Bookends that are unique and decorative 

Believe it or not, each bookend is carved from a single piece of Jacaranda wood, which is a tree that grows back after it has been cut down making it a sustainable source. The bookends come in 4 different animals representing the animals of Rwanda. 

Art for your walls and table

An unbelievable amount of 4,500 stitches go into just one medium basket. Weavers in Rwanda are careful to create beautiful designs into sturdy, hand-woven baskets. The baskets are flat on the bottom so you can use them as a tray but also include a loop on the back so you can hang them on your wall for a gorgeous work of art. 

Our Fair Trade Shop offers a wide selection of household goods to help your apartment or home better reflect the new you in 2018. 

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