This holiday season, we're celebrating stories of artisans overcoming poverty by sharing their culture. #GiftingStories

#GiftingStories — Cultural Traditions Gift Life Transformation

In the highlands of Guatemala, a group of women have come together to overcome poverty. Inspired by their culture, they are now empowered to make a change in their lives. Mayamam Weavers, a partner of Jesus' Economy, gives female artisans in Cajolá, Guatemala the ability to make a living right where they live, without migrating and separating their families. 

When you gift products from Guatemala on, you give families a chance to stay together and be lifted out of poverty. You help preserve years of traditional weaving and looming skills that incorporate Mayan design, culture, and color patterns.

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A Village Being Transformed Through the Gift of Culture

Mayamam Weavers are working hard to provide for their families and teach others how to do the same. 94% of the people of Cajolá live below the poverty line. But the intricate, handwoven efforts of the Mayamam Weavers is providing a better story than poverty.

When women join the cooperative, they're given fair trade wages, basic education through 6th grade level, and access to scholarships to further their education. They're changing their community from the inside out. This holiday season, you can be a part of their story.

A Few Of Our Favorite Things From Guatemala ...

Bags from Guatemala: Weekender Tote Bag in Caramel

love this sturdy weekender tote bag. This bag is perfect for that quick, weekend getaway when you don't want to pack or carry a lot. The holidays are a perfect time to get away for a quick respite and this bag is both beautiful and functional for the occasion.

Toiletry Bags from Guatemala in Caramel Wide Stripe

To go with your weekend getaway bag, snag this matching toiletry bag to store all your freshening up supplies. It's lined with waterproof ripstop nylon so you know everything else in your bag won't get ruined in case something leaks. 

Aprons from Guatemala: Cajola Red

These aprons from Guatemala are handwoven with care and thought. They come in three different styles and even in children's sizes. This red will put you in the holiday spirit and have you whipping up Christmas treats in no time. 

Brocaded Pillows from Guatemala: Black and White

I can't get over the intricate detail of this brocaded pillow. The women who brocade these pillows are inspired by traditional Mayan design and techniques. This pillow will look gorgeous on your couch or as an accent pillow on your bed. 

Belts from Guatemala: Striped Canvas

We love these handwoven belts that are made to last. And a quality belt is something the guy in your life is always looking for. Grab him one of these (so many fair trade belt options!) and you'll get to tell him how buying him the belt provided income for an artisan and their family. 

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Let Your Holiday Shopping Tell a Story

Every gift from comes with a story to share ... of lives being transformed through craftculture, and a new type of commerce

Be part of the story of artisans preserving their culture. Let your holiday shopping tell a story. #GiftingStories

Gift a Better Story

This is Blanca. She lives in Cajolá, a small village in Guatemala. Blanca—and all of the women who make up the Mayamam Weavers cooperative—is determined to make her life better for her and her family, in spite of the circumstances working against her. In Cajolá, 94 percent of the population lives below the poverty line. This means that families often do not have access to basic necessities, and their children do not have access to education.

But the Mayamam weavers co-op is changing things for Blanca. Because of the group, she has access to practical education that allows her to provide for herself and her family. She is able to earn fair wages for her work, and this enables her to offer a more empowered future for her children.

All of the women who work with the co-op, which creates beautiful home goods with traditional Mayan patterns, receive fair pay in addition to primary school education through the sixth grade level, and access to scholarships for further education if they’re interested. Rather than leave Cajolá to find a better economy elsewhere, these women have chosen to to stay in their village and invest in their local community.

Blanca believes in the future. She believes in taking care of her family and in honoring her home.

Learn more about the Mayamam Weavers and check out some of their stunning creations.


Every Sunday, we will be featuring products from the Fair Trade Shop selected by a member of the Jesus' Economy team. Every product selected is one they've personally bought, used, and fallen in love with. 

This week's pick was selected by Michael Freyberger, chief technology officer for Jesus' Economy. 

Aprons from Guatemala: Bistro


All of the aprons from Guatemala are inspired by the natural beauty of the area and incorporate traditional Mayan design. They're made from sturdy, handwoven 100% cotton and are easy to care for as they're durable enough for the washing machine and dryer. The bistro apron has 40" ties long enough to double around your waist and tie in the front along with a pocket. The pattern also comes in bib, with 32" ties for an adjustable fit with a double front pocket, and cross back, that has a cross-style open back. 

Michael purchased the bistro apron for his wife as she loves to cook and bake. When she's in the kitchen, she needs something that's comfortable while durable enough to be washed repeatedly without falling apart. 

"My wife got one of the aprons made in Guatemala and loved it, it was really well made and beautiful colors! The apron is so comfortable and so colorful! I love having it hanging in our kitchen, so I can always see it. Knowing that it was made and sold through an honest and ethical fair trade store makes it perfect!" - Michael

Look through our selection of aprons from Guatemala and choose yours so you can get cooking! 

Anyone who loves to be in the kitchen or who loves to entertain guests knows kitchen products are important. Having the right tools or table settings can make all the difference. That's why you or the chef in your life will love our kitchen line from Mayamam Weavers. 

The artisan co-op, Mayamam Weavers, is a group of women from Guatemala who refuse to leave their home country and families behind to make a living. So they made a way to support themselves and their families while staying in their communities. They weave all of their products by hand on looms using different techniques and tie in their Mayan culture. 

Here's 5 Kitchen Products the Chef in your Life will Love 

1. Table Runners from Guatemala: Mustard Plaid

This table runner is made from sturdy, handwoven cotton. It's also machine washable and dryable, which is a big plus. Most table runners are delicate and need to be washed by hand which is tough to manage when after almost every time you use it, it has food stains on it. But this one? Throw it in the machine and you're set. It also comes in celery plaid and ocean plaid. 

2. Kitchen Gift Set from Guatemala: "Cajola Red" Pot Holder and Towel

This sturdy handwoven cotton set comes in a variety of colors and patterns. The potholder features a loop for hanging, doubles as a gripper, and is lined with insulbrite. Both the towel and the pot holder are machine washable and dryable. 

3. Aprons from Guatemala: Mustard and Eggplant

The Mayamam Weavers group handweaves a multitude of aprons, in a variety of styles, patterns, and colors. My personal favorite is the bistro style and you just know the chef in your life would love one of these styles to wear while they work in the kitchen. 

4. Table Napkin Sets from Guatemala: Celebration in Magenta



 These napkins come in a set of four with mitred corners and are 20" x 20". They are handwoven and come in a variety of bright colors and patterns that are sure to make your table pop.

5. Dish Cloths from Guatemala: "Red and White" Hache Weave

These dish cloths are made with a hache weave which is perfect for working as a scrubbing dish cloth. It's also highly absorbent and features a twill hook for hanging. The dish cloths woven by hand come in many different colors and patterns and come two to a set. 

Shop these kitchen products and more in our collection from Guatemala in our Fair Trade Shop.

Remember, there's only a few days left to order first class mail and receive it by Christmas. 

Christmas shoppers please note: the last day to order Rwandan products in time for Christmas is December 18. Also, Jesus' Economy will be unable to ship Nepali products between the dates of December 16 to January 4.


The Mayamam Weavers co-op in Cajolá, Guatemala is making waves with their beautifully woven products. In this village, 94 percent of the population lives in poverty and most of the people who live there have no opportunity to get an education. But Mayamam Weavers are creating stunning home goods using traditional Mayan patterns and techniques. These women receive fair wages, education through the sixth grade, and then access to scholarships if they want to continue their education. Life isn’t easy in Cajolá, but these women are determined to make it better.

Mayamam Weavers make an array of wonderful goods from aprons and towels, to bags and belts. Each of these products is handmade with care and supports the futures of dozens of Guatemalan families.


Handwoven Fair Trade



Shopping fair trade brings hope to people around the world. And with Christmas coming up, you can find anything you need for last minute gifts. Today is the last day to order with regular ground shipping and get it by Christmas!


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In Cajolá, a small Guatemalan village, 94 percent of the population lives below the poverty line. This means that families often do not have access to basic necessities, and their children do not have access to education.

But the Mayamam Weavers co-op in Cajolá is changing things. The women who work there make beautiful home goods with traditional Mayan patterns, and for their work they receive fair wages, primary school education through the sixth grade level, and access to scholarships for further education. Rather than immigrate to the US and separate their families in order to make a living, they have chosen to stay together and improve their community right where they are. By joining the Mayamam Weavers, women have the opportunity to change their entire family’s future for the better. Today, the cooperative has grown to 20 weavers and seamstresses. These women all earn fair trade wages while learning skills to run a successful business.

Fair Trade is Good for People and Good for the World

The Mayamam Weavers create handwoven home goods and accessories that are sturdy, practical, and stunning. These products are woven on a variety of looms with different techniques. They incorporate rich and vivid colors into their woven products, which are made from 100 percent cotton, are soft, and hold up under everyday use.

They provide an assortment of home goods from aprons to tote bags to Christmas ornaments. The aprons they weave come in a variety of colors and styles, and some are also available in children’s sizes. The same traditional patterns and bold colors are also used in the bags and towels, creating useful products that are trendy, beautiful, and honor the culture they come from.

The women behind the Mayamam Weavers co-op are determined to make their lives better for themselves and their children—and with the education and wages they receive from their artistry, they are doing just that.

Shopping fair trade is just one way you can bring hope and healing to an impoverished community.

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