Here at Jesus' Economy, we believe that together we can make the world a better place. For that reason, our team regularly provides Fair Trade stories that showcase the hope that the Jesus' Economy Fair Trade Shop brings. And 2019 was no exception ...

In 2019, you all continued to show how much you love to read about artisans, their craft, and the hope they have for a brighter future. Stories that provided inspiration and transformation were among the most popular, especially our last series of the year — #GiftingStories. Together, we were motivated to make the world a better place.

Top 5 Fair Trade Stories

Here's the countdown of the top 5 most popular "Fair Trade" articles published on the Jesus' Economy in Action blog in 2019.

#5.Meet Blanca, a Weaver Transforming Her Community

The fifth most popular fair trade story in 2019? A story about Blanca, a Guatemalan weaver who is changing her community from the inside out. She works in the Mayamam Weavers cooperative with other women who are building a stronger community together. These women are choosing to stay in their village rather than leave, working to lift each other out of poverty. Read more in "Meet Blanca, a Weaver Transforming her Community."

#4. Nepal Seamstress' Life Transformed by Micro-Credit + Cultural Craft

The world is full of remarkable young women and Laxmi from Nepal is one of them. Still in her 20s, she took advantage of micro-credit and started her own tailoring shop. Not only has she repaid her microloan, but she's been able to grow her business making stunning scarves and shrugs. Read: "Nepal Seamstress' Life Transformed by Micro-Credit + Cultural Craft."

#3. Meet the Artists Who Are Weaving Hope in Rwanda

In Rwanda, three lifelong friends were taught as children how to basket weave in a program taught by a local church. When they became adults, they used those skills and created a basket weaving business. Because of that business they've been able to do things like start families, buy land, and build homes. Together, they've been unstoppable. Read: "Meet the Artists Who are Weaving Hope in Rwanda."

#2. These are a Few of our Favorite Things from Haiti ... #GiftingStories

Another story from our #GiftingStories series features beautiful, handmade products from Haiti. The skills that are used to make these items have been passed down for years. And we thought of a few ways you could turn these items into traditions or legacies for your family. Read: "These are a Few of Our Favorite Things from Haiti ... #GiftingStories."

#1. Haiti Artisan's Craft is Transforming a Village ... #GiftingStories

Our most popular Fair Trade story published in 2019 on the Jesus' Economy in Action blog is also from our #GiftingStories series. For the 2019 Holiday season, we chose to celebrate stories of artisans. This one about Benson, a Haitian artisan who works with leather, tells the story of how Benson has transformed his village with his craft. His workshop now provides jobs for other people overcoming poverty. Read: "Haiti Artisan's Craft is Transforming a Village ... #GiftingStories."

And Don't Miss These Articles ...

Bonus Popular Post: Rwandan Artisan's Love and Tenacity Helps Her Community Thrive

Another popular post of 2019 was this beautiful story of a woman from Rwanda whose love and hard work is evident in the products she makes. She taught other people her skill of basket weaving; and out of that effort came a cooperative that is now comprised of 26 women and two men. She brings hope and self-sufficiency to her village. Read: "Rwandan Artisan's Love and Tenacity Helps Her Community Thrive."

And Because We Love This Story: Brazil Families Defeat Poverty by Sharing Cultural Craft

For many families living in impoverished areas of Brazil, there is little hope of ever overcoming poverty. But a long preserved cultural craft is providing a way out of poverty. When Cross Trade, a partner organization of Jesus' Economy, first met Silvania (pictured above with her children), she was creating beautiful woven items but selling them in exchange for only a bag of rice to feed her family. Cross Trade invested in Silvania's work and that changed everything. Read: "Brazil Families Defeat Poverty by Sharing Cultural Craft."

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This holiday season, we're celebrating stories of artisans overcoming poverty by sharing their culture. #GiftingStories

#GiftingStories — Cultural Traditions Gift Life Transformation

At the Roof of the World, there's a nonprofit changing the outlook for many artisans living in the Himalayan mountains. Cheppu from Himalaya, a partner of Jesus' Economy, works to exchange culture between people by reflecting ancient Nepali traditions in their products. And living at the Roof of the World, there's no shortage of inspiration to work with.

When you gift products from Nepal on, you help preserve a tradition of weaving and tailoring. Artisans work with their hands, a wooden loom, and a sewing machine—skills which have been passed down for generations.

Shop Our Favorite Things from Nepal


A Village Being Transformed Through the Gift of Culture

Cheppu from Himalaya works with artisans in Nepal to provide fair trade wages, good working conditions, and the opportunity to grow a business. This includes micro-credit opportunities for people who desire to grow or launch a business.

Cheppu from Himalaya also gives back to communities in Nepal. One such program involves providing scholarships for young people from elementary to university level; another involves a micro-finance program for female farmers transitioning to organic farming.

They also encourage their artisans to use recycled and sustainable materials whenever possible. And the artisans are given the creative space to draw on the beauty that surrounds them when developing products. 

A Few Of Our Favorite Things From Nepal ...

Ponchos from Nepal: Chili

Doesn't this handmade poncho put you in the spirit of the holidays with it's deep red color and cozy look? It's handmade with a blend of cotton and acrylic that will be sure to last. It can become one of those iconic pieces that gets passed down from generation to generation in your family.

Shrugs from Nepal: Aegean Mixed Sparkle

You can almost see the lakes in the Himalayas in this turquoise shrug. Just imagine an artisan who has seen those lakes and drawn inspiration from their color to create this beautiful handmade piece. It's like soaking up years of beauty and skill in one simple scarf. What will it inspire you to create?

Shawls from Nepal: Moss

We love this shawl because of the warmth it provides and its versatility. Plus the softness of the handwoven fabric will make you want to wear it for days, especially on those cold mornings. It's large enough so that when one of your kids tiptoes downstairs while you're making breakfast, they can cozy up in it with you for a little early morning snuggle time.

Infinity Scarves from Nepal: Poppy

Who doesn't love a quality infinity scarf? I mean come on, it's a stroke of genius. Before the infinity scarf, women were sneakily tying their scarves together but ending up with a huge bulky knot behind their hair. Laxmi is one of the artisans who hand weaves these intricate infinity scarves. And because of Laxmi and Cheppu from Himalaya, this beautiful, quality piece is something you can enjoy without trying to hide a bulky knot.

Shop Our Favorite Things from Nepal


Let Your Holiday Shopping Tell a Story

Every gift from comes with a story to share ... of lives being transformed through craftculture, and a new type of commerce

Be part of the story of artisans preserving their culture. Let your holiday shopping tell a story. #GiftingStories

Gift a Better Story

This holiday season, we're celebrating stories of artisans overcoming poverty through their craft. #GiftingStories

#GiftingStories — Laxmi's Story

Shop at Laxmi's Workshop

For many in the developing world, there is little hope of overcoming poverty. But Laxmi of Nepal refused to live the story of poverty. Here's how Laxmi defeated poverty by preserving a cultural craft of clothing making.

A Life Transformed Through Microcredit and Craft

Laxmi Tara, who is in her 20s, lives in the small village of Tokha on the outskirts of Kathmandu Valley. There are few jobs at the roof of the world in Nepal. But a beautiful tradition of handcrafted clothing has been passed down from generation to generation in Nepal.

Desiring a better story than poverty, Laxmi came to Cheppu from Himalaya, a partner organization of Jesus' Economy, for a microloan to open her own tailoring shop. Seeing an opportunity to both preserve a cultural craft and help a young artisan, Cheppu from Himalaya offered Laxmi a microloan to setup her own tailoring business. That's where Laxmi's life story changed.

Handmade Shrugs from Nepal


Gorgeous, Handmade Scarves and Shrugs

Through hard work, Laxi was successful in her local village and was able to repay her microloan. Today, Laxmi Tara, along with other artisans, creates gorgeous fair trade scarves, including handwoven infinity scarves, as well as handmade shrugs.

This holiday season, you can gift a better story, one of artisan craft transforming a life: Purchase one of Laxmi Tara's creations from

Handmade Scarves from Nepal


Let Your Holiday Shopping Tell a Story

Every gift from comes with a story to share ... of lives being transformed through craftculture, and a new type of commerce

Be part of the story of artisans defeating poverty. Let your holiday shopping tell a story. #GiftingStories

Gift a Better Story

Cheppu from Himalaya, a fair trade organization and partner of Jesus’ Economy, is using fair trade to honor Nepalese tradition and bring hope to the people of Nepal. Founded in 1985, Cheppu from Himalaya works with Nepalese artisans to sell their products on the western market. Cheppu believes in exchanging culture between people through these beautiful products.

Cheppu is dedicated to fair trade, and to the use of sustainable materials in their products. This organization supports many artisans, but also uses their influence to give scholarships to students of all ages and levels in Nepal. They believe in working hard to bring hope and healing to the world. 

Featured Fair Trade Products 

Ponchos from Nepal: Royal Purple

Are you looking for a way to stay warm, dress fashionably, and support fair trade around the world? This beautiful poncho is the answer. Crafted by artisans in Nepal, it is comfortable enough for days spent lounging on the sofa with a book, and chic for nights out on the town. Support artisans in Nepal and purchase a poncho today!   

Infinity Scarves from Nepal: Maize

This scarf is loosely woven for a light accessory that won’t weigh you down. Colorful and classic: you can’t go wrong with the purchase of this scarf for your wardrobe. Advocate for fair trade and add something beautiful to your closet! 

Scarves from Nepal: Burgundy Shrug

Add a pop of color to your outfit with a shrug created by artisans in Nepal. These shrugs are woven with thin yarn and are perfect for warding off a light breeze or simply making a fashion statement. Be a part of a movement for hope and purchase a shrug today! 

Scarves from Nepal: Black and Gold Shrug

Purchase this beautiful scarf crafted by artisans in Nepal and wrap up when the weather gets cold. It is simply colored and easily paired with casual and classy attire. Support artisans around the world and buy a fair trade scarf today! 

Shopping fair trade is practical and purposeful. Join us in transforming lives through fair trade.

Shop Cheppu from Himalaya


Meet Unis Ansari, a tailor from Nepal whose strength and creativity amazes us! Originally from the south of Nepal, he moved to Kathmandu in search of better opportunities for his family. Unis has now been working for more than 28 years as a Master Tailor with Cheppu of Himalaya, a partner of Jesus’ Economy. He helps design patterns for the breathtaking shawls, ponchos, and scarves they make, and he oversees tailoring at the Cheppu workshop.

The Artisan Creations of Unis

Fair Trade Has Changed Unis' Life

Because of his work with Cheppu, Unis has been able to provide for his family and sponsor his children’s education. Cheppu provides scholarships for students in need from elementary to university level, and they are currently supporting 34 Nepalese students through these scholarships. Additionally, Cheppu helps build relationships between the students and private sponsors who can offer further financial support.

Cheppu values preserving tradition and celebrating the richness of diversity. They work to exchange culture through the reflection of ancient traditions--using traditional patterns, materials, techniques, and colors--in their products. They also believe in fighting for sustainability and use recycled or renewable materials whenever possible.

As part of their team, Unis brings practiced expertise and several years of knowledge. He strengthens Cheppu from Himalaya through his beautiful and dedicated craftsmanship. Take a look at some of his other beautiful creations in the Fair Trade Shop.

Shop Products by Unis


Meet Laxmi Tara, one of the artisans who creates gorgeous scarves, shawls, and ponchos with the Cheppu from Himalaya cooperative in Nepal. Laxmi Tara is from the small village of Tokha on the outskirts of Kathmandu valley.

She’s very young—still in her early 20’s (she doesn’t know her actual age because birthdays are not traditionally celebrated in Nepal)—but that didn’t stop her from pursuing her dream of starting a business.

She went to Cheppu of Himalaya—a Jesus' Economy fair trade partner—for a microloan to open her own tailoring shop. Now she has set up her own business, and has already been very successful in her local village. Laxmi Tara’s craftsmanship is spectacular, and the scarves she makes showcase the beauty of Nepalese culture and landscape.

Cheppu’s products are made to honor Nepalese tradition and the local environment. The artisans use recycled and renewable materials whenever possible to create their pieces.

Shop for Nepal Products


It's getting chilly, and in some places, downright cold. And if you work in an office and you're a woman, more than likely you're freezing every day at work. Unless you're in the bathroom, which we all know is the warmest place in the office. But you can't spend your whole day in there. (Not that you'd want to either.) So what's a smart, working woman to do? You could try to keep remembering a sweater every day that coordinates with your outfit while being thick enough to keep your warm. Or, you could snag one of our beautiful ponchos  that'll pair well with any outfit and keep you toasty warm at the office.

Check out our newest ponchos from Nepal! And don't forget to use promo code JE4HOLIDAYS to save 15% on your purchase of $45 or more. (Psst! That makes each of these around $42!) 

Ponchos from Nepal: Chili


Ponchos from Nepal: Moss

Ponchos from Nepal: Soft Brown

Ponchos from Nepal: Scarlett

Our Fair Trade Shop has many more ponchos in great colors along with scarves and shrugs that will help during spring and fall in the office. 

Cheppu from Himalaya, a fair trade organization, and partner of Jesus’ Economy, uses inspiration from Nepalese tradition to craft scarves, shrugs, and ponchos to share with the western world. These handmade articles are created with renewable and recycled materials and honor the earth as well as the culture they come from.

Ponchos from Nepal

If you’re looking for a style to keep you warm this cool spring, the ponchos are a wonderful choice to cozy up in. It’s comfy enough to curl up in with a good book in the morning, but also sophisticated to add to an outfit around town in the evening. We have three colors, so you can choose one perfect for you. And while you’re shopping, check out all the scarves, shrugs, and ponchos, and find something for your mom, grandma, aunt, or bff.


Ponchos from Nepal: Royal Purple


Ponchos from Nepal: Charcoal


Ponchos from Nepal: Wine

Be an advocate for fair trade and look fashionable this spring by buying a poncho from Nepal.

Shop Ponchos from Nepal


Cheppu from Himalaya, a fair trade organization, uses the vision of Nepalese culture to inspire their scarves, shrugs, and ponchos. These fairly traded products are handmade by artisans in Nepal using environmentally friendly and renewable resources.

Scarves from Nepal

Some of the wonderful articles handmade in Nepal are infinity scarves. These scarves are available in colors from avocado green to oat, so you can find the right one for your style. Wear it wrapped around once for a longer loop, or wrap it twice to keep your neck a little warmer. These versatile scarves are great for warmer and cooler days—perfect for this finicky spring weather.


Infinity Scarves from Nepal: Café Sparkle


Infinity Scarves from Nepal: Maize


Infinity Scarves from Nepal: Poppy


Infinity Scarves from Nepal: Avocado


Infinity Scarves from Nepal: Oat



Keep spring breezy by purchasing a beautiful scarf from Nepal.


Shop Scarves from Nepal 


Spring is almost here and it's time to start thinking about shedding our deep, rich colors and exchanging them for bright, airy colors. 

Gear up for spring with products from our fair trade shop that evoke a lightness every time you see them. 

Tote Bags from Haiti: Woven Straps

This tote just screams spring with its bright yellow color. Take this fun, colorful bag with you to the market! It's great for toting around whatever you need—from yarn to books to groceries!

Square Accent Pillows from Guatemala in Magenta

 With this bold pop of color, your bed or couch will be automatically ready for spring once you place this pillow on it. Plus, we offer many different shapes and patterns in vivid colors to help brighten up your home. 

 Scarves from Nepal: Lavender Shrug

When it comes to spring, oftentimes it means it is too warm for a jacket but too cold to go without. This lavender shrug strikes the perfect balance. 

Necklaces from Haiti: The Christella

Pops of light blue and yellow make this necklace ready for your spring wardrobe. Plus the hammered plate says "hope" to represent the artisans who make the necklace. And spring is hope for a new season, a fresh start. 

Kitchen Towels from Guatemala: Plaid Twill in Ocean Blue

Why leave all of the brightening up to your wardrobe and living room? Add brightness to your kitchen with these sturdy, hand-woven kitchen towels. 

Earrings from Rwanda: Colorful Woven Disc


These beautiful woven earrings come in a variety of eye-popping colors that seem to say "it's spring!" Plus you can find a bracelet to match. 

Daisy on Stem from Haiti

Flowers are a beautiful part of creation, and have long been used to tell stories, to uplift, and to adorn. A handmade, daisy is perfect for accenting your home and sprucing up your table.

Bracelet from Brazil: Solta Golden Grass Bangle in Light Blue

This light blue is reminiscent of a robin's egg and makes you feel ready for spring. It comes in a variety of other colors and made from golden grass, a sustainable source. 

No matter your preference or what you're looking for, our fair trade shop has it. And just in time for spring.