Here's how you can fuel the movement of Jesus' Economy. In this video, I explain why we're asking you to donate to Operations for year-end giving.


Fuel the Movement 

We don't take a cut from your donations; we raise our Operations' costs separately from what you donate to the developing world. At this point, we also have an all-volunteer staff. That's how much we believe in this vision. For year-end giving, consider a donation to our Operations Fund.

Fund the Gears that Run the Engine

The Operations Fund is the engine behind our Fair Trade Shop and pays for launching developing world projects. Every story you read about our work, every interaction you have with our website, and even the phone bill is paid by this Fund.

Make the world a better place: Donate to our Operations Fund.

The Numbers Say It All, the Lives Transformed Prove It

The vision of Jesus' Economy is transforming lives around the world. Our Operations Fund makes this possible. The numbers say it all, as our 2015 overall stats show.

Donate Now to Fuel the Movement