Today is #GivingTuesday. It's an international day of generosity. It's inspiring. If I had to choose just three reasons why I think you should give with Jesus' Economy today, here's what I would say.

1. 100% of your giving goes to the developing world.

100% of your giving goes to the developing world, unless you designate otherwise. We even cover credit cards fees! We also make it so that you can choose your passion and have 100% of your giving go where you designate. We often phrase this as: 100% to the cause of your choosing! Thus, if you want to support our ongoing movement via our U.S. Operations (which is regularly a great need), you can also give via our Operations Fund. Or you can give to the developing world and our ongoing Operations right in the same transaction.

2. We're financially transparent and accountable.

We're financially transparent and accountable. We post financial updates online, including every grant receipt. GuideStar gave us a Gold rating for transparency. We also connect you to the real stories of what your donations are doing in the field by posting reports from the field on our blog. In addition, we're legally transparent, posting all relevant legal documents right on our website.

3. We're innovating to solve global poverty.

We're innovating to solve global poverty by using a new model and leveraging technology. We believe that the spiritual and physical health of a community are interwoven. That's why we create jobs, plant churches, and meet basic needs at the same time. We then connect the job creation aspects to our online Fair Trade Shop, bringing new money into a community while creating opportunities for you to shop online. We make it so that only when you give, but also when you shop, you can help others. We're leveraging our interconnected world for the good of the global poor.

Creating a new, better solution.

We're bringing the gospel to unreached people groups, people who have never heard the name of Jesus before. We're creating fair trade jobs in impoverished communities around the world via our Fair Trade Shop. We're meeting basic needs, such as clean water and literacy training, in one of the most impoverished places in the world. And we're doing all this through connecting you to the stories of indigenous leaders and empowering them to alleviate suffering and renew their communities. It's a new, better solution.

Choose your passion and donate now. We will send every last dollar where you designate. Renew communities with us.

Choose Your Passion 

Give me just five minutes of your time and I'll tell you about the innovative ideas behind Jesus' Economy. Here's why I believe Jesus' Economy can solve some of the world's greatest problems -- creating jobs and churches around the world, lifting people out of poverty and showing people the love of Jesus. I originally delivered this talk to the leadership of Cru at Cornell in Ithaca, New York.

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Today is National Day of Prayer. Here at Jesus' Economy, we believe prayer is critical to everything we do. Through prayer, anything is possible.

Please spend some time today to read and pray Anne Graham Lotz's prayer for this year. Please also pray for the seven centers of power in the United States.

Featured Podcast, Recorded with National Day of Prayer Task Force

Kalene Barry, Chief Projects Officer for Jesus' Economy, and I were recently in Colorado Springs, Colorado. While there, we recorded a podcast with National Day of Prayer Task Force about taking up our cross and following Jesus. We discussed what that has meant for us and for Jesus' Economy. In the process of following Jesus, we've done several things that many would consider crazy, like selling many of our possessions to get Jesus' Economy started. We discuss all this in the podcast and the spiritual process that got us ready for the moment of launching a non-profit. You can listen to that podcast here. John Bornschein, author of The Front Line: A Prayer Warrior's Guide to Spiritual Battle, and Dion Elmore were our hosts.


Pray for the U.S. and Our World Today

I cannot emphasize enough how critical it is that we all join in prayer for our own nations and for our world. Please join us in doing so and let's watch God move as we do so.

Prayer, prayer, prayer. I say it three times so it is memorable. There is nothing more important than engaging God, via relationship with Jesus Christ our Lord, in prayer, through His Word, and in community. Let's take up our cross and follow Jesus, empowered by the Holy Spirit.

It is difficult to love a whole person, not just their need. But if we do so, we can transform lives and communities.

In this talk, filmed at the Justice Conference Abbotsford at New Life Abbotsford, I share how I learned to love an entire person and how it transformed my life. I also share about being a voice for the voiceless and the major problems that aid alone can create.

Loving a Whole Person


Jesus Stops to Have Conversations

Jesus regularly stopped to have conversations, demonstrating that for him, loving a whole person meant having a relationship with them (e.g., Luke 18:35-43; John 4; Luke 8:40-56). People weren't projects to Jesus; they were friends. This is God, with three years of ministry as a human on earth, stopping to have conversations. We should do the same. We should work to transform entire lives, walking alongside people, not just address needs.

Thanks to the Justice Conference Abbotsford

Many thanks to New Life Abbotsford for the blessing of speaking at the conference and for your hospitality, kindness, and graciousness. (To everyone else: My apologies for the inside jokes; you had to be there for them to be funny. And don't worry, my Canadian brothers and sisters thought they were funny.)

Join Us in Loving an Entire Person

Join us in transforming entire lives by donating to Renew Bihar, India. For just $2.94 you can empower someone. This $345,000 project empowers 117,520 people, making the cost just $2.94 per person to provide medical access for thousands, drill 18 water wells, train and send out 18 church planters, and provide 40 microloans accompanied by business training. 100% of donations go directly to Bihar. Our project in Bihar, India is dedicated to really knowing people and building real relationships, while addressing basic needs, spiritual needs, and transforming the economy through business.

Jesus' Economy is about holistic community transformation. Our model incorporates each part of the life of a community: creating jobs, planting churches, meeting needs, and training leaders. We believe that all of these efforts are connected. In addition, we believe in keeping the global economy in mind: This is why we sell fair trade products online and offer microloans, as part of our process.

See the full-size version of the infographic explaining our model.

Selling locally is wonderful, but when products are also sold online, the amount of income coming into an economy drastically changes, allowing for sustainable change to occur faster. 

But even with an online marketplace available, if job creation efforts face the difficulties of corruption, they will be hindered. Healthy churches can alleviate corruption by providing ethical guidance to communities.

The physical needs of a group of people must also be met. This is why the meeting of basic needs, like providing clean water and access to medical care, is also part of Jesus' Economy's model.

However, meeting basic needs will not take care of the long-term problems: You may be able to feed a person today, but they need a sustainable solution. This also gives a person the dignity of choice, instead of forcing them to take a handout. That's where job creation comes in, bringing things full circle.

Yet there is still one more component to alleviating poverty: Job creation and church planting both require training. Training that is ethical in nature, and paired with mentorship and accountability, can create lasting positive change for communities. Training is the key to unlocking the potential of a person and a community.

Jesus' Economy's model of community development feeds itself, once it gets going. We help communities overcome major economic and spiritual hurdles, so that they may continue the effort. All of our efforts are designed by locals and implemented by them.

We believe that the world can, and will, be a better place once we implement this model. And that starts with our Renew Bihar, India project. Together, we can tackle the reason why poverty exists, both the spiritual and physical reasons.