Here at Jesus' Economy, we love to take you on adventures. During the last few weeks of June, we have taken you around the world, talking about God's global perspective along the way. Here's a round-up of our fun together:

What is Often Overlooked about "God So Loved the World"

See the post about "God so Loved the World"Via our video blog, I told you about a huge piece of theology buried in John 3:16 that we rarely talk about, but should.

God Loves the Entire World: That Changes Everything

Read the post about God loving the entire worldFor our "Living for Jesus" Wednesday post, I offered you an essay about God's global perspective, showing you what it means for God to love the entire world, not just one nation, culture, or people group. This has the power to change the way we view our place in the world.

Into Zambia

Kalene Barry imagined life in Zambia, taking you on a journey from Manhatten to the Village of Hope, a beautiful sanctuary created by our partner The Zambia Project.

Water around the World: From California to India

Charlotte Van Werven surveyed summer, water fun and discussed the problems with people getting access to clean water, taking you across the planet in the process.

More Interconnected than Ever Before
Via our video blog, I told you about how our world is more interconnected than ever before and how that provides Christians everywhere with an opportunity never available to us in history until now.

Why Am I Here, Really?

For "Living for Jesus" Wednesday, Charlotte asked the most major existential question: "Why am I here, really?" Charlotte's answer came from reframing the question as "What does God want from me?"

Create Your Own Style; Fashion around the World

Seasons and fashion seem to go together. Charlotte's research into summer fashion trends takes you on a journey around the world and results in a surprising answer to the question: "What's in?"

Falling Way Short of Fulfilling the Great Commission

As Christians, we're called to bring the gospel to the very ends of the earth, providing access to all people. But how are we doing at hitting that goal? Utilizing statistics from Issachar Initiative, Charlotte tells you.

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