Jesus' Economy is run by an all-volunteer staff

You read that right. It is completely run by volunteers; talented people who are using their God-given abilities to reach out and make an impact in this world for God's kingdom. 

The volunteers on our staff give anywhere from two to ten hours a week to help make Jesus' Economy what it is. Everyone except for our fearless leaders, John and Kalene Barry, work remotely; as in, spread from coast to coast working with each other across all time zones. 

It seems crazy. Why volunteer your precious time using a skill you could be getting paid for? Why spend hours working with someone who is 3 hours behind you in time? Why set aside a few nights a month to have video conferences with teammates to discuss current strategies, goals, and accomplishments? Why be strapped down to something that doesn't result in any pay? 

This is why.

"I volunteer for Jesus' Economy because I get to do what I love for an organization whose mission I fully support. The Jesus' Economy team is an amazing team of encouraging people, and not only do I have a lot of fun volunteering, but I also get to grow my skills while serving." ~ Charlotte Van Werven, intern for content production. Volunteer since 2014.

“I enjoy spending time and volunteering for Jesus' Economy because it represents an organization that fights for the spiritually and economically oppressed. We are part of an amazing team that bears the King's name and are working to bring about economic justice to our brothers and sisters abroad! It's amazing!” ~ Zachary Wilkes, community relations coordinator. Volunteer since 2016

“Jesus' Economy enables holistic life change for many. I love being part of a team [that] is passionate about that enough to commit their time and talents. John and Kalene have a contagious passion and vision, and their investment in all of us enables a productive and thriving community amongst our team. I would never stop volunteering with Jesus’ Economy because I would have major FOMO [fear of missing out]!” ~ Rachel Thompson, executive assistant and Instagram extraordinaire. Volunteer since 2014. 

Volunteering with Jesus' Economy has made a tremendous impact not only on impoverished communities abroad but also on the volunteers themselves. We have more opportunities for people who are looking to make a difference and might not have time to dedicate an afternoon or weekend to volunteering at a local nonprofit. Or if you just can't commit to a certain amount of hours a week or have sporadic free time, we have roles for that too. 

We're looking for a videographer, photographer, software engineer, copywriter, and fair trade shop associate, among many others! Check out all of our open opportunities.

I learned much of what I know by volunteering. I originally started volunteering because I believed in a cause, but I quickly discovered that investing in other organizations accelerated my professional growth — win-win!

In a setting where people need volunteers, you can be involved in high-profile roles very quickly. And this means you learn things that a regular career will never teach you (or at least not when you’re young). No one at a regular corporation will invite you to discuss the company’s financial situation, unless you’re an executive or in finance, but on a Board of Directors for a non-profit, this is a regular activity. And this is just one of dozens of examples that volunteer non-profit work will teach you.

As the CEO of an all-volunteer organization, I need volunteers to accomplish our mission. I need labor. And people need experience. I can teach; they can get things done. And we both win.

When we started the non-profit Jesus’ Economy, I was serving in four different volunteer roles for four different organizations. I was a Community Relations Coordinator for a developing world non-profit; the Co-Chairman of a government appointed advisory board aimed at helping people with developmental disabilities; a Chapel Preacher, Treasurer, and Board Member for a gospel rescue mission for the homeless; and the President of a church plant. I eventually left all those roles to focus on Jesus’ Economy. But it was those experiences that taught me how to lead Jesus’ Economy.

Volunteering also led to promotions at my day (pay) job for Faithlife Corporation (makers of Logos Bible Software); my volunteer experience accelerated my professional growth, teaching me new skills that led to promotions and more responsibility. I learned most of what I know about finances and corporate organization from working with non-profits. And the experience of running a full organization with Jesus’ Economy allowed for me to literally experiment with any aspect of a company, which again made me a better leader at my day job. (If you know how to run a company, you can run a division!)

When my my wife Kalene and I decided to start Jesus’ Economy, we also decided to invent the best volunteer experience possible. I use the word invent because we literally reexamined the entire process, imagining what we would change about each of our volunteer experiences if we could. What was good? What was bad? What could have been better? We then took all the best things about our various volunteer positions — and some of our own ideas — and built the Jesus’ Economy volunteer program. (And since that time, we’ve improved it with the input of other leaders; a big contributor to the design has been Mike Freyberger, our volunteer CTO.)

The volunteer program we have in place involves three types of roles: internships, apprentices, and full volunteer staff positions. All three types of positions involve investing in the lives of those who volunteer with us. The leaders in our organization have real, authentic relationships with other volunteers who report to them; mentorship (and discipleship) is involved. We’re there for one another, teach one another, and pray for one another.

The three types of positions also give people room to explore their passions and experience the joys of promotion within our organization. It’s ultimately our vision to give full areas of responsibility and “ownership” to volunteers. And we’ve done so multiple times to great success. This means that people move up in our organization until they’re leaders of our movement, driving it forward with passion, zeal, and self-sacrifice.

Over the years, we’ve seen many people move up the ladder: from an intern, to an apprentice, to a full volunteer staff member. Full volunteer staff members run whole areas of the organization and it’s impressive to watch. Interns assist in those roles. Apprentices work side-by-side with full volunteer staff members, learning how to master a skill by working with a master. For our apprentice roles, the best analogy is the journeyman carpenter: “Come and do as I do; work alongside me.” And the intern positions are best understood as assistant roles; you will get to do important work, while being closely supervised and critiqued. (We don’t expect for you to be able to make a table yet, but we do expect you to learn to use a hammer well. And we plan on showing you how tables are built.)

For many people, their volunteer roles with Jesus’ Economy have led to a broader portfolio to present to employers; learning a new skill that garners more pay at their jobs; and expanding their network and overall skill set.

I had a great moment of joy last year when one of our apprentices (who was promoted out of our intern program) wrote a blog post about how much working with Jesus’ Economy has meant to her personally. (I didn’t review it before it went live and she had no coaching in what to write, outside of that we wanted her to share her story and invite other people to volunteer.) It was when I read that post that I knew that the program was truly working; for her, volunteering with Jesus’ Economy has given her new skills and been a true joy. And that’s what I’ve always wanted to hear.

Tell me about your volunteer program or volunteer experiences. I would love to hear from you. Also, if you would like to volunteer with Jesus’ Economy to expand your portfolio, skill set, and gain new experience, check out our volunteer opportunities here.


Jesus' Economy is an all-volunteer organization. We need people like you to join us in creating jobs, planting churches, and meeting basic needs. Joining our team is an incredible way to gain experience. We invest seriously in the people who volunteer with us and help them accomplish their life and career goals.

Our volunteer staff and interns typically work four to eight hours per week. Our team works entirely remotely, making it easy to join. From right behind your computer, you can be part of a movement of talented people creating a better world.

My Story of Volunteering with Jesus' Economy

I can tell you first hand how wonderful it is to work with a team like the one at Jesus’ Economy. I joined in 2014 as an intern in writing and editorial. I was 18, and pretty nervous to begin the internship, though I had confidence in God’s direction. I was worried that I was too young, too inexperienced, and would not be able to keep up. CEO John Barry and his wife, Kalene, were so excited to bring me on board and mentor me as I grew in my gifts and followed where God was leading me. They were not afraid to help me start from the bottom, and continue to have great patience with me along the way. Learning is often uncomfortable, but they have made it easier in the way they handle it.

It has been more than three years, my position has been promoted to Apprentice in Writing and Editorial, and I am constantly amazed at how far I’ve come. Working with Jesus’ Economy has blessed me with an incredible educational platform in which I can try, fail, and improve. As a result of John’s mentorship and direction, I have learned and am learning new skills daily, constantly pushing myself beyond my comfort zones.

God led me here—and believe me, that’s a crazy story of its own—and he continues to lead me within this volunteer position. The ultimate goal for believers is to bring glory to God, and it is special to be a part of a team so focused on doing just that. Everyone here is passionate about the mission of Jesus’ Economy, which is a dedication to creating jobs, planting churches, and meeting the basic needs of people around the world. We’re all excited about bringing glory to God  through that mission.

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