The Gospel Reaches Unreached Villages

A church planter in Northeast India has many stories of life transformation, including his own.

Vinod, Jesus' Economy sponsored church planter, brought the gospel to unreached villages for two years. This is the story of his life and ministry, and the story of the church planter who is now leading his ministry. This is how the gospel is reaching previously unreached villages in Northeast India.

Miraculous Life Changes

Before Vinod believed in Jesus, his life was filled with anger and fighting. Since he accepted Jesus as his Savior, he hasn’t looked back. This is why Vinod decided to become a church planter.

At one point, Vinod shared the story of Jesus with a man who was spiritually set in his ways. As Vinod shared from John 3:16, it became clear that the man did not agree with the message, but as the conversation progressed, things changed. The man came to understand the true meaning of the gospel. Shortly after the conversation, both the man and his wife believed in Jesus. They then decided to be baptized—starting the journey of transformation and renewal.

Providing Access to the Gospel

Due to Vinod’s 2015 efforts, thousands of people were introduced to the gospel, and 30 people decided to accept Jesus as their savior.

Passing the Torch

Vinod has now transitioned out of church planting and an interim church planter took over for a few months until Veer came along. Veer is now carrying out the ministry in the villages that Vinod was working in. Vinod’s third year of sponsorship by Jesus’ Economy will go to Veer.

Power of Prayer

Despite growing up in a Christian home, Veer spent most of his childhood and young adult life caught up in the wrong crowd. He had friends who were bad influences and led a life without peace; his mom prayed constantly for him because of this. One time when a pastor came to his house to pray, he decided to participate. When the pastor talked about sin and the consequences of it, Veer felt convicted. He didn’t get any sleep that night and suddenly decided to believe in Jesus.

He started attending church services and was deeply affected by the love among the people. He saw they had peace and joy in their life, which inspired him to regularly attend church services. From that point on, he found freedom from his bad habits. He was baptized in 2008 and then spent a total of six years in biblical and theological training.

Veer just started ministering and currently shares the gospel in five different villages. Veer is dedicated to serving God by talking with those who have never heard the gospel before.

You can be a part of bringing the gospel to the unreached by sponsoring church planting efforts in Northeast India.

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Kayli Thompson
Kayli Thompson


Contributing Editor for Jesus' Economy