These Are a Few of Our Favorite Things from Haiti ... #GiftingStories

This holiday season, we're celebrating stories of artisans overcoming poverty by sharing their culture. #GiftingStories

#GiftingStories — Cultural Traditions Gift Life Transformation

In Haiti, there's a nonprofit giving artisans a chance to renew their community from the inside out. 2nd Story Goods, a partner of Jesus' Economy, works with artisans to preserve their culture through their craft.

When you gift products from Haiti on, you help preserve cultural craftsmanship that has been passed down for generations—such as clay kilning, leather working, jewelry making, and basket weaving.

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A Village Being Transformed Through the Gift of Culture

Most of the artisans working with 2nd Story Goods live and work in Jubilee, an impoverished village in Haiti. These artisans are determined to better their community by working hard to provide for their families and by growing their businesses so they can create jobs for other people.

Artisan guilds from 2nd Story Goods provide a fair, livable wage by helping artisans sell their products on the western market with partners like Because of this, artisans are able to pay school fees for their kids, support their churches, and help out other people in their village in need. And not because of hand-outs; it's from working hard and building their businesses. 

A Few of Our Favorite Things from Haiti ...

Earrings from Haiti: Leather Feather

We love these leather earrings because they're super cute and modern. The earrings, along with other leather jewelry, are made from locally sourced materials and by a cooperative of women who have dreams of running their own businesses, sending their kids to school, and supporting their families.

You can help these women build their dream by purchasing these earrings. Then whenever someone gushes over your earrings and asks where you got them from, you can respond by telling them your earrings gave a woman hope and helped her build her business. Then watch their jaw drop and proceed to tell them how they can do the same. 

Baskets from Haiti: Casserole 14" x 10"

This handwoven basket, along with other handwoven baskets in our Fair Trade Shop, is hand weaved with 100% sweet grass, which is naturally water resistant. Just one of the reasons why we love this basket! Weaving sweet grass is a skill that's been passed down for generations in Haiti, and now artisans are using that skill to grow their businesses.

You can create your own legacy when you buy this casserole basket and always use it to bring your loved-by-everyone-dish to family gatherings. Or make it a centerpiece on your table by filling it with seasonal decorations. 

Ornaments from Haiti: Clay Star

There's a new clay guild in Haiti and these clay star ornaments are just one of the products they make. The process they use to make items out of clay is one that involves many hands, hands that are working toward a brighter future.

When you purchase this Haiti-made ornament and bring it into your home, you'll be reminded of the hope you gave a group of artisans. With how well it's made, the ornament will last for generations to come making it something you can pass down along with the story of hope you gave to people overcoming poverty.

Journals from Haiti: Colorful Burlap

We love these colorful burlap journals because of how you unique they are. They're made from recycled coffee bags and hand cut paper. The artisans who make these journals have been taught by Benson, who has been using his skill of binding books for years. Now, he is passing that skill on to others and together they're building a better community.

You can start a tradition with these handmade journals when you take your family on a road trip. Buy one for each of your kids, then give them something to keep track of on your trip. Whether it's mileage, gas, money spent, license plates seen, stops made, they can keep track in these handy journals and you'll have the memories for years to come.

Earrings from Haiti: Mafi Pendant

We just love the earrings from Haiti; they're so colorful and fun, along with being well made. The earrings are made from hand-cut, filed, and recycled aluminum. Most of the women from the cooperative who make these earrings are single mothers trying to support their family. This style of earring is even named after the Haitian artisan, Mafi, who designed them.

Make these Haiti-made earrings a staple in your Christmas wardrobe by wearing them every year to your work Christmas party or Christmas day. Maybe it'll be the one thing someone remembers from each Christmas, and the beautiful story that goes along with it.

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