A Few of Our Favorite Things from Rwanda ... #GifingStories

This holiday season, we're celebrating stories of artisans overcoming poverty by sharing their culture. #GiftingStories

#GiftingStories — Cultural Traditions Gift Life Transformation

Azizi Life, a partner of Jesus' Economy, has helped empower more than 400 artisans in Rwanda. Yup, you read that right. 400!

When you gift products from Rwanda on JesusEconomy.org, you gift a myriad of cultural traditions. Basket weaving, working with banana leaves and stalks, and hand wood carving are all skills that have been taught throughout the years. And now, artisans are turning those skills into prosperous businesses that sell beautiful, quality products.

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Villages Being Transformed Through the Gift of Culture

Jesus' Economy partner, Azizi Life, works with artisans in Rwanda to provide economic opportunities for people from extreme poverty situations. Azizi Life has developed long-term relationships with 25 independent cooperatives. They also offer product design coaching and resources for growth in enterprise, health, faith, and life as a whole.

Many of the Rwanda products available on JesusEconomy.org help provide women with the resources they need to go from being dependent to successful contributors to their family and community. Azizi Life gives the gift of hope to families in Rwanda on a daily basis, won't you join them?

A Few Of Our Favorite Things From Rwanda ...

Azizi Life products from Rwanda are more than just products; they're gorgeous pieces of art.

Banana Leaf Divided Serving Tray from Rwanda

 We love this serving tray from Rwanda because it's both beautiful and sturdy. How often can you say both of those about one product? It's made by threading banana leaves around banana stalks, which is what makes it so sturdy. You can use it to serve drinks to your guests this holiday season.  

Bookends from Rwanda: Zebra

 I am in love with the hand carved bookends from Rwanda. They're stunning pieces of art where each one is carved from a single piece of wood. They'll look great on your bookcase and when someone asks you where you got them, you can tell how you provided hope for an artisan in Rwanda. 

Baskets from Rwanda: Traditional Grass Peace Basket in Black and White

These traditional peace baskets are used in Rwanda to hold other gifts for special events, such as when a bride gives a gift to her new mother-in-law at the time of her wedding. These baskets are then proudly displayed in the home. Artisan Pascasie says that the basket’s traditional pattern, called umuraza, represents a path travelled together. Imagine two friends walking together to visit another dear friend. On their heads, they carry traditional baskets, filled with gifts from their harvest. They journey together down the path, through the hills of Rwanda, pausing to chat, and continuing on to the home of their friend.

Ornaments from Rwanda: Hand-Carved, Tree Branch Bird

This little bird ornament is made from Jacaranda trees, which is a resource that grows back after it's been cut. Artisans carve these birds from the branches and it looks beautiful on your Christmas tree. Make it a memorable ornament your family hangs on the tree year after year.  

Banana Panel Nesting Cubes From Rwanda

These nest sorting cubes are also made from strong banana leaves, making them perfect for storing whatever you need. They come in three sizes; the large one is the perfect size for your modular storage shelves. They're quality, handmade products that will last you for years to come no matter where life takes you.  

Baskets from Rwanda: Tea Blossom

All the baskets from Rwanda are created from dyed natural sisal fibers woven over a core of forest grasses. Over 4,500 stitches go into one medium basket alone! The tea color is created when the naturally-white sisal fibers are steeped in Rwandan-grown tea leaves. Imagine the medium basket on your dining room table filled with warm bread or fruit.

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Let Your Holiday Shopping Tell a Story

Every gift from JesusEconomy.org comes with a story to share ... of lives being transformed through craftculture, and a new type of commerce

Be part of the story of artisans preserving their culture. Let your holiday shopping tell a story. #GiftingStories

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Kayli Thompson


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