This Father's Day, Shopping Fair Trade isn't just for Women


Fair trade isn’t just for women.


Despite what you’ve heard, it’s for men too.


It seems like shopping and being interested in fair trade is mainly for women, after all most of the products are made for or geared toward women. What with all the aprons, purses, jewelry and baby items.


But it doesn’t have to be that way. Jesus’ Economy offers fair trade products that men would like too, maybe not the earrings, and we want you to know about it. The fair trade products you’ll find range wider than earrings and scarves. You can find wallets, journals, portfolios, and even t-shirts. Because unlike ties, your dad can never have too many t-shirts.


Durable, Practical Fair Trade for Men

If you’re looking for gifts to give this Father’s Day, consider these great, practical options from our fair trade store.


Leather Journals from Haiti: The Saddleback



Does your dad need a new, tough journal for business meetings or jotting down his classic dad jokes? This handmade journal from Haiti comes in several sizes and is perfect for anything he might need to write down.


Men’s Logo T-shirt from Uganda  



Dads never run out of t-shirts, yet they always seem to need more. Add one to his collection with this t-shirt from Uganda featuring the Jesus’ Economy logo. This shirt represents the global focus of fair trade, and you can tell him about where the shirt came from and what it stands for.

 Leather Luggage Tags from Haiti



Everyone needs a vacation every now and then, but especially parents. Give your dad a luggage tag he can use when he takes a much needed break. Or buy a few tags because, let’s face it, your dad won’t want to go on vacation without his family, most likely.  

Gift Card



Some dads tell their kids exactly what they want and need when it comes to gift-giving events like Father’s Day. Others are more silent and let you figure it out on your own (or he wants you to figure it out on your own). But if you’re stumped, get a gift card, then your dad can pick out a gift he will be sure to enjoy. Everything in our fair trade store is handmade by artisans in impoverished communities around the world, and your dad will find what he wants.

This Father’s Day, you can get your dad something he’ll actually like and use that helps support artisans in impoverished communities across the globe. And when you give it to him, you can tell him about Jesus’ Economy and where the item came from. Hearing how sensible and planet-saving his child is in gift-giving, he’ll be prouder than he ever has been. Except for maybe the day you were born. Which, I mean, come on. That’s a hard moment to beat.


You just might be able to beat it though with one of our handmade products offered by one of our many talented artisans.


Support artisans around the world and make your dad proud by shopping fair trade this Father’s Day.

Charlotte Van Werven
Charlotte Van Werven


Staff Writer for Jesus' Economy