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In 2019, thanks to the generous donations and prayer of people like you, Jesus' Economy continued to Renew Bihar, India. Bihar is one of the most impoverished states in the world, where few have heard the name of Jesus. Together, we're doing something about that. Over the course of 2019, we celebrated the miraculous stories of life renewal occurring in Bihar. Here are the highlights ...

Since the start of our efforts to Renew, Bihar, we've sponsored four indigenous church planters—who are renewing communities spiritually by sharing about Jesus—and over half a dozen water wells, which are providing renewal for whole communities. The most impoverished in the world are experiencing Jesus' love in word and in deed. Each water well has been drilled in an area where a sponsored church planter is working, providing a profound way to share the story of Jesus. The stories of villages being renewed through clean water are beautiful.

During 2019, we continued to make good on our promise of 100% to the developing world. Every dollar you gave to renewing Bihar, India went straight to India. Every donation was used exactly as you designated: to plant churches and meet basic needs. In partnership with a well-established organization in India, Jesus' Economy is planting churches, plans to provide microloans and business training for impoverished women, and is drilling water wells. Together, we can spiritually and physically Renew Bihar.

Top 5 Renew Bihar, India Highlights

A lot happened with our Renew Bihar project in 2019. Here's the top 5 "Renew Bihar" highlights published on the Jesus' Economy in Action blog in 2019.

#5. Proving it: 100% Goes to Renewing Communities in India

What better way to kick off the start of these highlights than with our latest article on where your money goes when you donate it to Renew Bihar, India? We're all about making sure you get to actually see where the money goes and what your money is doing. Not to mention, how much of it is helping others (which if you haven't picked up on this yet, is 100%). So this article is chock full of receipts and reports. Read: "Proving It: 100% Goes to Renewing Communities in India"

#4. Once Spiritually Oppressed, But Now Set Free By Jesus

Next up is a testimony from our church planter, Rahul. A young woman's parents were so desperate to heal their daughter that they tried every form of healing they could think of. Nothing was working, but then they met Rahul. And everything changed. Read: "Once Spiritually Oppressed, But Now Set Free By Jesus."

#3. Once a Hopeless Widow, Now Her Son is Healed

Chintak recently took over for another church planter and has worked tirelessly ever since. A widow came to him for help when all seemed lost for her son who had a liver infection that was only getting worse despite doctors' best efforts. She was convinced her son would die and she would be alone with no hope for an income. Prayer turned things around. Read: "Once a Hopeless Widow, Now Her Son is Healed | Renew Bihar Update."

#2. Faith Like a Child Brings a Whole Family to Jesus

What so many of us wouldn't give to have the strong faith that we had as children. This 7-year-old girl's father was very sick and in a lot of pain. She remembered what Veer, the church planter who ministers in her village, taught her—that Jesus heals sick people. So she prayed and the next day, her father was healed. Read: "Faith Like a Child Brings a Whole Family to Jesus."

#1. Jesus' Love Frees a Young Man from Alcoholism & Violence

 One of our favorite Renew Bihar highlights from the Jesus' Economy in Action blog in 2019 is a testimony of a young man who was saved from a life of alcoholism and violence. His issues had led to him being put in jail, which made his parents extremely worried. Church planter Santhosh ministered to the family. What happened next can only be explained as a "God thing." Read more in "Jesus' Love Frees a Young Man from Alcoholism & Violence."



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