New Water Well in Bihar, India Meets Everlasting Needs

Bore Well March 2018

In one of the Northern India villages where Santhosh, one of our four church planters, works, the need for clean water became so great that Santhosh took action to help the villagers bore a water well.

Limited Access to Drinking Water 

In this village, there are no public water wells for the 300 people living there. The only wells in the village belong to the few wealthy people who won’t let any lower caste people come and get water. The poorer members of the village were essentially living at the mercy of the privileged for clean water. Their only other option was to walk miles a day to the nearest public water well, which can take hours.

The villagers turned to the government for help, requesting a public well be dug in the village but the government denied their request. This is where Santhosh came in, he told the villagers how to apply for a well through Transformation India Movement, Jesus’ Economy’s partner organization in Bihar, India.

Full Access to the Living Water 

After applying for their well, the village’s need was met and a 110 foot deep water well was dug. They inaugurated the well in March 2018 with a presentation of the gospel, explaining how Jesus is the Living Water. Fifty villagers attended the inauguration and heard the message.

Because of the well and Santhosh, this village has access to clean water and is praising God for it. Many villagers are eager to know more about Jesus after receiving the tangible gifts from his followers. This is a great new opportunity for our sponsored church planter, Santhosh, to share the gospel with everyone there.

In follow up, Santosh will visit this village regularly, as part of his village church ministry. He will hold church services, distribute Bibles, and help to meet some of the needs of the villagers while he is there.

Jesus’ Economy’s church planters visit dozens of villages every year on a salary of only $7,500 USD per year. They travel by bicycle and public transportation, often relying on the kindness of strangers to have their needs met. If you are passionate about supporting the work of church planting, you can donate to our church planters.

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Kayli Thompson
Kayli Thompson


Contributing Editor for Jesus' Economy