Warm Up this Winter: Practical & Purposeful Nepal Products

Cheppu from Himalaya, a fair trade organization and partner of Jesus’ Economy, is using fair trade to honor Nepalese tradition and bring hope to the people of Nepal. Founded in 1985, Cheppu from Himalaya works with Nepalese artisans to sell their products on the western market. Cheppu believes in exchanging culture between people through these beautiful products.

Cheppu is dedicated to fair trade, and to the use of sustainable materials in their products. This organization supports many artisans, but also uses their influence to give scholarships to students of all ages and levels in Nepal. They believe in working hard to bring hope and healing to the world. 

Featured Fair Trade Products 

Ponchos from Nepal: Royal Purple

Are you looking for a way to stay warm, dress fashionably, and support fair trade around the world? This beautiful poncho is the answer. Crafted by artisans in Nepal, it is comfortable enough for days spent lounging on the sofa with a book, and chic for nights out on the town. Support artisans in Nepal and purchase a poncho today!   

Infinity Scarves from Nepal: Maize

This scarf is loosely woven for a light accessory that won’t weigh you down. Colorful and classic: you can’t go wrong with the purchase of this scarf for your wardrobe. Advocate for fair trade and add something beautiful to your closet! 

Scarves from Nepal: Burgundy Shrug

Add a pop of color to your outfit with a shrug created by artisans in Nepal. These shrugs are woven with thin yarn and are perfect for warding off a light breeze or simply making a fashion statement. Be a part of a movement for hope and purchase a shrug today! 

Scarves from Nepal: Black and Gold Shrug

Purchase this beautiful scarf crafted by artisans in Nepal and wrap up when the weather gets cold. It is simply colored and easily paired with casual and classy attire. Support artisans around the world and buy a fair trade scarf today! 

Shopping fair trade is practical and purposeful. Join us in transforming lives through fair trade.

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Charlotte Van Werven
Charlotte Van Werven


Staff Writer for Jesus' Economy