We've Been Working on This for Years. Arriving Tuesday ...

Announcing the Book ...

Jesus' Economy

For years, we've been working on a resource that empowers you to alleviate poverty and share the love of Jesus. On Tuesday, it arrives. Announcing our founder's book Jesus' Economy: A Biblical View of Poverty, the Currency of Love, and a Pattern for Lasting Change.

How to live Jesus' economy—a currency of love

The book Jesus’ Economy:

  • Shows how you as an individual can best encourage renewal in your community.
  • Demonstrates how your church community or any group can alleviate poverty.
  • Presents a unified plan for creating jobs, spreading the gospel, and meeting basic needs.
  • Focuses on community development and sustainability—lasting change, globally and locally.

Support the movement by placing your pre-order today.

100% of author's proceeds go to the nonprofit Jesus' Economy, to fuel the movement of creating jobs and churches in the developing world.

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Kayli Thompson
Kayli Thompson


Editor for Jesus' Economy