Why You Should Choose Handwoven Products This Holiday Season

Many of the products we use day-to-day are made from woven fabrics, and while machine-woven products are often cheaper, handwoven products are better for job creation, better for the environment, and they tell beautiful stories.

Here are three reasons why you should consider buying handwoven products this holiday shopping season.

1. Handwoven products are made by real people

Machines may be quicker, but when real people use their skills to hand weave fabrics, jobs are created. Millions of people around the world live in poverty, and businesses that sell handwoven products create hundreds of valuable jobs that make a positive impact on the global economy. Additionally, handwoven fabrics are higher quality because mistakes can be caught and fixed easier by a person than by a machine.  

2. Handwoven is environmentally friendly

Handwoven products don’t use heavy machinery, and because of this, these products are better for the environment. They are not made in factories that emit greenhouse gases, rather they are made carefully by people who care. Many handwoven products are made from sustainable, renewable resources such as cotton and natural dyes, while factory woven products are typically made from whatever is cheapest and quickest, often with no regard for the environment.

3. Handwoven products have heart and soul

When products are handmade, they are unique and carry stories with them. When you buy handwoven products, you get to share those stories. Many fair trade artisans around the world create their products as a source of income so they can feed and support their families, build stability, and work toward breaking the cycle of poverty. Handwoven fair trade is vital because it strengthens families and brings hope, and when you buy the products, you become part of that story. 

Shopping responsibly means looking at the bigger picture, and the big picture reveals that buying handwoven products instead of machine-woven products can create jobs, limit factory pollution, and share stories.*

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*This article is adapted from my earlier article, "3 Reasons to Buy Hand-Woven Fair Trade Products."

Charlotte Van Werven
Charlotte Van Werven


Staff Writer for Jesus' Economy