Feedback Matters: How Leaving Reviews Supports Fair Trade

Reviews Help You Purchase Wisely

In our day of endless options, comparison shopping is common. We love to survey all of our choices so that we can make the best possible decision on where to spend our money.

Feedback is a helpful resource. It helps us know what’s a good investment, what not to waste our money on, and gives us more detail about the product.

That’s why, in our fair trade store, we really value your feedback. Leaving product reviews helps other shoppers know what you thought about a product, so they can make an informed decision.

Reviews Help Us Improve Your Shopping Experience

Product reviews also help us gain knowledge and improve our storefront for our shoppers. When you leave a review, you let other shoppers know what you value and enjoy, which helps us to serve you better. We value knowing which products you especially love – or even what products you'd like to see in our store in the future. We are always looking to grow, and through your feedback, you can help shape the future of our store.

Reviews Help Build a Community around Fair Trade

Furthermore, when you leave product reviews it helps build the movement of Jesus’ Economy. It inspires other people to join the movement by shopping fair trade and makes shopping a truly social experience. It makes fair trade better for everyone, giving us direct feedback we can provide for artisans.

What Customers Are Saying

Handmade Glass Earrings from Haiti

“This product not only makes you feel good for providing jobs and wearing recycled materials, but they are totally fun to wear! I have a pair of these for myself (Brown) and also got a pair of the Translucent Green as a gift for my daughter. The wire against the glass provides two different kinds of sparkle that shines through even long hair without being overwhelming. While they are made of simple materials, they are really eye-catching when worn. I'm putting a blue pair on my Christmas list!” –Tricia, 4 out of 5 stars

Handmade Goat Leather Journal

“These journals are beautifully made, and the packaging details the hours of labor involved. I love seeing wise shopping choices providing jobs!” –Rachel, 5 out of 5 stars

Saddleback Goat Leather Journal

“The two journals covered in goat skin have a wonderful feel, as does the creamy smooth paper--perfect for sketching.” –Elaine, 5 out of 5 stars

So, if you really enjoyed that leather-bound journal, that hand-woven basket, or that beautiful woven shrug, let us know, so other shoppers can enjoy the goods too. Help the fair trade movement grow: Tell us what you enjoy by dropping us a review for any product you’ve purchased. Reviews can be found at the bottom of each product page.

Kati Clair
Kati Clair