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Help Us Create Jobs for Impoverished Women

For this Christmas, our family is helping create jobs for impoverished women. We're doing this because we believe a woman has the right to provide for herself and her family. Many women in India desire to learn business skills and create marketable products but lack opportunities. Jesus' Economy is doing something about it. People all over the world are coming together to empower women in India. This Christmas, we want to further that effort.

For this Christmas, partner with us to create jobs. Skip getting us a gift, donate to empowering women instead. 

Lift an Entire Family Out of Poverty

Women's empowerment is one of the leading factors in renewing an economy but Bihar is ranked as one of the most difficult places in the world to be a woman. Let's change that. In Bihar, India there is a group of women who already know how to sew, which gives them a marketable skill, but these women are limited by their local, impoverished communities. While these women have work, they don't yet have skills that can lift them out of poverty.

Jesus' Economy is helping these women from extreme poverty situations learn to make products for a western market—as well as learn business basics and ethical business practices. As part of this process, Jesus' Economy will offer microloans and help the women take their products to market online, to bring money into their businesses quickly.

We can empower a woman in Bihar, India to lift her family out of poverty. Each female entrepreneur will provide a sustainable income for her entire family. Your donation renews the lives of impoverished women and their kids.

100% of Your Donation Goes to Creating Jobs in Bihar

Jesus' Economy, a 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization, sends every single dollar you donate exactly where you designate. If you give $25 to creating jobs, your full $25 goes to job creation efforts in the developing world and will be used only for that purpose. Jesus' Economy raises U.S. costs separately from developing world projects.

The entire Empowering Women program costs $23,000. Each of the 40 ladies in the program has two people she is supporting on average, which means 120 people will be lifted out poverty through this program. This means that it takes $190 to lift a person out of poverty or $575 to empower a woman to lift her entire family out of poverty. Our $300 goal represents the cost of one electric sewing machine, which will be used to train women and to create fair trade products.

Jesus' Economy creates jobs and churches in the developing world. In each community they serve, they offer church grants, microloans, and meet basic needs. Event dedications like this one are an effective way to accomplish this mission.

Thank you for partnering with us to create jobs and empower women. This is a great Christmas present!

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