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Help Me Bring the Gospel to the Unreached

For my birthday, I'm providing unreached people groups with access to the gospel. I'm doing this because I believe in the vision of bringing the love of Jesus to the ends of the earth. While this work is far from done, Jesus' Economy is making progress. And that progress is thanks to people like you joining the movement. People all over the world are coming together for the sake of the impoverished and unreached. This birthday, I want to continue that effort.

For my birthday, partner with me to bring the gospel to unreached people in Bihar, India. Skip getting me a gift, donate instead.

Millions Have Never Heard the Name of Jesus

Jesus' Economy is currently planting churches in Northeast India in a state called Bihar. In Bihar, over 101 Million people have never heard the name of Jesus. Jesus' Economy does this work through training and sponsoring indigenous church planters. These planters are making great sacrifices for the sake of the gospel, to bring the gospel to unreached villages. And they are seeing lives transformed.

100% Goes to Church Planting in Bihar

Jesus' Economy, a 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization, sends every single dollar you donate exactly where you designate. If you give $25 to planting churches, your full $25 goes to planting churches in the developing world and will be used only for that purpose. Jesus' Economy raises U.S. costs separately from developing world projects.

Each church planter works in five to seven unreached villages in Bihar, with the goal of planting house churches in each village. These planters are brave, hard working, and completely dedicated to offering people the hope of Christ. And it only costs $226/month to fund a church planter.

Jesus' Economy creates jobs and churches in the developing world. In each community they serve, we offer church grants, microloans, and meet basic needs. Birthday dedications like this one are an effective way to accomplish this mission.

Thank you for partnering with me to plant churches. This is a great birthday present!

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