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UPDATE: We Met Our Goal for My B-day! Let's Drill a Well for Christmas!

For my birthday, we raised $811 toward clean water and far surpassed our goal of $500! What if we could raise the full amount for a water well, which is $1,000. I've updated my goal to $1,000 and decided that instead of Christmas presents, to ask you to donate. Let's do this!

Help Me Provide Clean Water for the Impoverished

For my birthday on May 29th, partner with me to bring clean water to the people of Bihar, India. If 16 people commit to donating $32 for my 32nd birthday, we will reach our funding goal of $500. If 32 people donate $32, we will fund an entire water well through our efforts alone! Together, we can provide an entire village access to clean water!

Skip getting me a gift, donate to providing clean water instead. 

Millions in India Lack Access to Clean Water

Water-borne illnesses are a leading cause of death in Bihar, India. Of the 38,000 villages in Bihar, less than half have access to clean water (according to India's Ministry of Drinking Water and Sanitation 2014 Report). And a staggering number of people dying from water-borne illnesses are children. But we can do something about it.

Jesus’ Economy has already funded four water wells for the extreme poor of Bihar. These wells are providing 7,100 people with access to clean water, which means that just $0.56 provides someone with access to clean water.

Each well involves an application process where key community members collectively sign that they would like a well. The application process is coordinated by Jesus' Economy sponsored church planters. "Jesus is the Living Water" is inscribed in Hindi on each well, providing the church planters an opportunity to tell of the provision of Jesus. Thanks to donors like you, those requesting clean water can have it.

100% of Your Donation Goes to Clean Water in Bihar

Jesus' Economy, a 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization, sends every single dollar you donate exactly where you designate. If you give $32 to clean water, your full $32 goes to providing clean water in the developing world and will be used only for that purpose. Jesus' Economy raises U.S. costs separately from developing world projects.

The goal on this page represents half the cost of a water well. Each well costs $1,000. A water well has the capacity to provide 2,000 people with access to clean water and prevent water-borne illnesses.

Jesus' Economy creates jobs and churches in the developing world. In each community they serve, they offer church grants, microloans, and meet basic needs. Birthday dedications like this one are an effective way to accomplish this mission.

Thank you for partnering with me to provide clean water. This is a great birthday present!

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