Jesus' Economy: A Biblical View of Poverty, the Currency of Love, and a Pattern for Lasting Change by John D. Barry

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“A beautiful vision for a world where everyone has enough.”


“It will bring conviction. It will also give you hope.”


“A fine handbook for practical mission work.”


“An inspiring ... account about Jesus, poverty, and the mission of the church.”


“Deep insights ... well worth reading, pondering, and putting into action.”


“A must-read ... a book that the global church needs to embrace and use.”


“The message of Jesus' Economy is ‘You can do this!’ ... helps us believe all over again.”


“A long-term strategy for healing both physical and spiritual poverty."


You Know People Around the World Are Struggling

A homeless man holds a sign that reads, “Anything helps.” A poor child lives in a slum swarming with flies. A refugee mother is on the brink of starvation. You ask yourself, “But what can I do about such big problems?”

You're Looking for Long-Term Solutions

John D. Barry shares incredible, and often shocking, stories about working among the impoverished and unchurched in the U.S. and abroad. And since Barry is a Bible scholar, Jesus’ Economy is also deeply rooted in the Scriptures. It is a personal, sometimes funny, often heartbreaking account that presents a revolutionary pattern for lasting change.

Jesus' Economy is Based on Self-Sacrifice. His Currency is Love.

It’s called Jesus’ Economy because it’s about creating a spiritual and physical economy for those who need it most. Here is a thoroughly biblical and compassionate pattern for addressing issues of poverty and offering the hope of the gospel. Jesus’ Economy:

• Shows how you as an individual can best encourage renewal in your community.

• Demonstrates how your church community or any group can alleviate poverty.

• Presents a unified plan for creating jobs, spreading the gospel, and meeting basic needs.

• Focuses on community development and sustainability—lasting change, globally and locally.

With Everyday Choices, You Can Make a Difference

Jesus’ Economy is a call to address our own spiritual poverty—as people who can too easily become distant from Christ—and it is a call to address the physical poverty all around us in a smart and sustainable way. Jesus’ teachings show that with simple, everyday choices, you can make the world a better place and create enduring change. Here’s how to live Jesus’ economy—a currency of love.

100% of author's proceeds go to the nonprofit Jesus' Economy, to fuel the movement of creating jobs and churches in the developing world.

About the Author

John D. Barry is a nonprofit CEO, Bible scholar, and pastor. After a career in Christian publishing and Bible software, John and his wife, Kalene, sold their house and nearly everything they owned to dedicate their lives to spreading the gospel and empowering the impoverished. They serve with Jesus’ Economy, an innovative nonprofit creating jobs and churches in the developing world. John is the general editor of the highly-acclaimed Faithlife Study Bible and Lexham Bible Dictionary, used by over one million people, and the former editor of Bible Study Magazine. He is a pastor in the Pacific Northwest and speaks internationally.

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Opportunities like never before.


The problem of poverty. How our world works.

And envisioning a better reality.


God’s view of the impoverished. What the Bible says about poverty.

And what that really means.


The myths of poverty. What followers of Jesus should say in response.

And really understanding poverty.


Some very practical ideas for overcoming poverty. How you can truly love people.

And why it won’t be easy.


Never stop truly loving.

Endorsed by Christian Leaders from Around the World

“In Jesus’ Economy, John Barry points us toward a world where everyone has ‘this day our daily bread.’ Barry reminds us that God didn’t make a world of scarcity, or a world with too many people. Poverty was created by you and me, as we fall short of loving our neighbors as ourselves. As Gandhi put it, ‘There’s enough for everyone’s need, but not enough for everyone’s greed.’ We created poverty. And we can end it. Jesus and the early church show us the way. In this book, you will find an in-depth look at Scripture and economics, and a beautiful vision for a world where everyone has enough.”


Cofounder, The Simple Way and Red Letter Christians

Author, The Irresistible Revolution and Common Prayer

Jesus’ Economy is fast moving and 'heart' hitting. It will bring conviction. It will also give you hope. I am happy to commend its widest reading.”


President, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary

Author or editor of numerous books and Bible commentaries, including I Am Going (with Bruce Riley Ashford) and Vibrant Church (with Thom S. Rainer)

Jesus’ Economy weaves together Scripture, realities of the world of poverty, and in-depth personal experience to produce a fine handbook for practical mission work. For John Barry, effective ministry is informed, holistic, and sacrificial—and his life bears this out.”


Best-selling author of several books, including Toxic Charity; Compassion, Justice, and the Christian Life; and Theirs Is the Kingdom

President, FCS Urban Ministries

“John Barry has written an inspiring and readable account about Jesus, poverty, and the mission of the church. This book tells you what poverty is, where it is, what Jesus said about it, and how you can follow Jesus’ commands to end it. A great introduction to the socioeconomics of poverty, as well as Christian teaching on the subject. Great resource for pastors, students, and church groups!”


Author, Evangelical Theology and What Christians Ought to Believe

Academic Dean and Lecturer in Theology, Ridley College, Melbourne, Australia

Author, Euangelion blog,

“Considering the passion and action that John Barry and his wife, Kalene, have put into this project, I trust they must be prompted by God to do so. Barry shares deep insights into wealth and poverty from Jesus’ perspective. Jesus’ Economy is well worth reading, pondering, and putting into action, especially in this day and age.”


President and Dean, China Bible Seminary, Hong Kong

Recipient of Women in Leadership Award from the Association of Theological Schools

“John Barry’s Jesus’ Economy is not just a must-read, but it is also a book that the global church needs to embrace and use to teach Jesus’ life-changing and transformational principles. Barry is a terrific writer and an unusual type of Christian leader: he can correctly be described as a selfless, shepherd, servant type of leader. Barry’s ministry, the nonprofit Jesus’ Economy, makes a case for this book. Jesus’ Economy is a narrative of how to conquer the twin enemies of the human race: corruption and poverty. Barry gives the church not just theories and empirical data on poverty, but also concrete and practical examples of Jesus and His disciples’ models of poverty alleviation. Our churches in Africa can comfortably use this book in Sunday school or theological seminaries. I strongly recommend it to members of the global church who want to engage in the mission of God!”


Professor of Christian Ethics, Theology, and Public Policy, ECWA Theological Seminary, Kagoro, Nigeria

Fellow, Faculty of Theology, Stellenbosch University, South Africa

Author, No More Cheeks to Turn? and When Evil Strikes: Faith and the Politics of Human Hostility

“Jesus-followers with a kingdom perspective approach life as one big mission trip. John Barry’s Jesus’ Economy provides a clarion call to live as viral kingdom agents (the answer to ‘Why am I here?’) but also provides practical ways to love our neighbors (‘What do I do?’ and ‘How do I do it?’). John accomplishes this without scolding and shaming. Instead, he persistently encourages. The message of the book is ‘You can do this!’ We sometimes allow difficult circumstances or stalled progress to challenge our faith in this certainty. Then a book like Jesus’ Economy comes along and helps us believe all over again.”


Best-selling author whose works include The Present Future, Missional Renaissance, Kingdom Come, Kingdom Collaborators, and A Work of Heart

Missional Leadership Specialist, Leadership Network

“We often think of poverty as just an economic issue, but poverty has both economic and spiritual roots and effects. John Barry understands this and in Jesus’ Economy, he offers a long-term strategy for healing both physical and spiritual poverty: job creation, church planting, and meeting people’s basic needs, with a focus on community development and sustainability.”


Author of many books, including the New York Times bestsellers Infiltrated and Indivisible, and the 2010 Templeton Enterprise Award-winner Money, Greed, and God

Research Assistant Professor, Busch School of Business, The Catholic University of America Senior Fellow at Discovery Institute

“Google ‘your town name + poverty,’ John Barry says, and you’ll be surprised—not only by the problems but also by the resources you can tap into as you love your neighbors. In Jesus’ Economy, Barry explains how the best practices include listening, affirming local assets, rooting work in churches on the ground, accountability, transparency, and tapping into specialized experts when they are needed. Whether our neighbors are global or local, whether they are unreached or undiscipled, whether they need the gospel or finance, they must be a priority for us because they are a priority for Jesus. This book shows how to make that happen, and how it is being done nearby and far away.”


Associate Professor, Global and Urban Ministries, Seattle Pacific University

Board Member, Christianity Today International

Award-winning author, Kingdom Without Borders: The Untold Story of Global Christianity; and Daughters of Islam and God's Foreign Policy

Jesus’ Economy is a must-read for those concerned with the impoverished in our communities and in the world. John Barry believes that eliminating poverty should happen at both the physical and spiritual levels. His proposals are grounded in Scripture—providing great biblical insights on how to address poverty from God’s perspective, affirming that Jesus is the key to overcoming poverty. Jesus’ Economy is practical missional ministry at its best. I’m sure it will challenge you to go to the next level of a serious commitment to love your neighbor as yourself. I enthusiastically recommend it to everyone.”


General Secretary, Reformed Church in America

“World Vision president emeritus Rich Stearns prolifically told all of us who are Christ followers about The Hole in Our Gospel. In Jesus’ Economy, John Barry has now given us the motivation and instructions for why and how to fill in that vital missing part. He understands that a host of well-meaning people of faith have unintentionally prolonged the problem of poverty by offering short-term relief instead of long-term development and sustainability. By relating relevant Scripture and life experiences, Barry teaches us how to know the heart of Jesus and help desperate and destitute people experience total life transformation.”


President, Citygate Network (formerly The Association of Gospel Rescue Missions)

Author, Invisible Neighbors

"Although more people have been raised out of abject poverty in the last thirty years than ever before, in all of human history, there is still much work to be done. John Barry’s new book, Jesus’ Economy: A Biblical View of Poverty, the Currency of Love, and a Pattern for Lasting Change, gives us a practical, biblical, hands-on manual for loving and serving 'the least of these.' This book will not only change the way you look at poverty, it will help you find the role God is calling you to play in helping change the world."


Executive Director, The Institute for Faith, Work & Economics

Author, How Then Should We Work?

“Inspiring and eye-opening, John D. Barry’s Jesus’ Economy is a rallying cry for all believers to meditate on and rethink the Great Commission in practical, humanitarian terms. John and Kalene, as fellow humanitarians and followers of Jesus, are committed, as we are, to the cause of seeing poverty erased in our world through the only successful means possible—the way of Jesus Christ and His gospel.”


Author of the best-selling, Once an Arafat Man and The Mind of Terror


Founders, Hope for Ishmael, a reconciliation ministry between Arabs and Jews

Founders, Seeds of Hope, a humanitarian organization serving the people of Jerusalem, Jericho, and Gaza

“I recommend Jesus’ Economy to you and your church! Poverty statistics worldwide remain very high. Though Jesus told His disciples the poor would always be with them, such was not an excuse to neglect changing this global reality. Even the great missionary Paul, who preached the whole counsel of God, was eager to remember the poor in his ministry (Galatians 2:10). And we should too! John Barry has done a wonderful service in the kingdom of God by writing this book. Jesus’ Economy will challenge and motivate you. But Barry does not leave you only with good thoughts; he offers many practical steps to bring about desperately needed change.”


Author, Discovering Church Planting, Apostolic Church Planting, and Developing a Strategy for Missions

Associate Professor of Christian Ministry, Samford University

Former National Missionary with North American Mission Board, Southern Baptist Convention

Former Associate Professor of Church Planting and Evangelism and past director of the Center for North American Missions and Church Planting, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

“You know all the crazy things Jesus said that we try to explain away? Commands like ‘Deny yourself and take up your cross’? Or ‘Sell your possessions and give the money to the poor’? Well, John Barry actually obeys them. And, I’m going to be honest: when I first started reading about his experience, I felt threatened. What might Jesus be calling me to do? But as I read about John’s vision to eradicate poverty in Jesus’ name—and about his dynamic interactions with needy people around the world—fear was replaced by hope. And then excitement. Jesus’ Economy is a fantastic book that has inspired me to join John on God’s mission of alleviating spiritual and physical poverty around the globe. Can you think of a greater mission?”


Editor, (a Christianity Today publication) and Moody Publishers

Author, Your Future Self Will Thank You, Yawning at Tigers, and Generation Ex-Christian

Former Managing Editor, Leadership Journal

“John D. Barry’s new book, Jesus’ Economy, is a bracing call for the church to be the church among the poor. You don’t have to agree with every word...but you might. This book will thrill you, disturb you, and make you think. It may even cause you to make some changes in how you express your love for people who bear the same image you do.”


Editor at Large, The Colson Center for Christian Worldview

Former Editor at Large, Christianity Today

Author, Missions in the Third Millennium and All That Jesus Asks: How His Questions Can Teach and Transform Us

Jesus’ Economy is a powerful example of the application of principles we find in the influential Lausanne Covenant (1974), which contains a strong affirmation of faith in Christ and a renewed call to carry the complete gospel to the whole world. John Barry demonstrates, through engaging stories, persuasive exegesis, and personal testimony, that the mission of the church should be holistic. Christian leaders and practitioners will find this book a treasure trove of insight and encouragement.”


Assistant Professor of New Testament, Wheaton College

Expert in Latin American Theology and the Gospels

“I don’t believe I fully understood how the Bible views poverty until I read John Barry’s book Jesus’ Economy. John reminds us, with thoughtfulness and grace, that Christians must focus on the example of Jesus to address the problems of poverty in any relevant way. Filled with moving stories and compelling facts, Jesus’ Economy examines a vague subject like poverty with great nuance, making it completely accessible and unendingly meaningful. Jesus’ Economy gives us a poignant examination of an often-misunderstood topic. Don’t ignore this important book.”


Vice President of Digital Content, Salem Web Network


Jesus’ Economy is about all of life as God intended it to be. Barry creatively articulates holistic living that transcends our varying theological persuasions and challenges us to embrace the sacrificial love of God as our motivation for service. This book bridges the gap between theory and practice, and provides principles that are applicable in multiple ministry contexts for lasting change. This is mandatory reading for all in Christian service!”


Vice President, Scholarleaders International

Author, Leading Financial Sustainability in Theological Institutions

“In Palestinian culture, we are accustomed to saying, ‘If poverty were a man, I would have killed him.’ This book shows us how Jesus wants to alleviate poverty through the sacrificial love of His followers. Such love is only possible through a vital relationship with Jesus and also with the poor. John D. Barry prophetically reminds us that we cannot be true followers of Jesus and ignore the poor. We cannot separate physical and spiritual poverty. In Jesus’ Economy, we find disturbing contemporary data, heart-stirring stories, and inspiring challenges, as well as opportunities for ministry. The book informs us, inspires us, and gives us the opportunity to be involved in addressing poverty in biblical ways. I recommend this book to every Christian who desires to know how Jesus wants us to help the poor.”


Academic Dean, Nazareth Evangelical College, Nazareth, Israel

Reconciliation leader in Israel and author, The Land of Christ: A Palestinian Cry

Old Testament Editor, Arabic Contemporary Commentary and Asia Bible Commentary

“John Barry brings two breaths of fresh air to the study of a critical need in our world—alleviating poverty. First, he lives what he writes. Jesus’ Economy did not rise from secondhand study. Instead, it blends solid research with real-life experience. Barry’s writing represents the natural extension of his personal commitment in India and elsewhere. Second, he brings a decisively biblical answer to a problem addressed mostly by politics and finance. He exposes the folly of a government solution to a spiritual need. For believers and churches seeking better paths to changing this world, start the journey here.”


Dean, School of Ministry and Director, Africa Training Partnership, Corban University, Salem, OR

“Oriented in the global landscape of poverty and impoverishment, John D. Barry’s Jesus’ Economy is biblically anchored and remarkably personal. His self-engaged 'I-voice' and narrative approach will appeal to audiences of all ages—'to all who hope to make the world a better place.' Captivating both in theme and writing style, Jesus’ Economy is a delightful read—informative and thought-provoking yet practical, providing pointers and directives for alleviating poverty both overseas and right where you live.”


Research Professor of Old Testament, Tyndale University College & Seminary, Toronto, ON, Canada

International trainer of missionaries

Author, Glimpsing the Mystery: The Book of Daniel

Jesus’ Economy flows from the heart of God for the marginalized all over the world. Rooted in the nonprofit work of John and Kalene Barry, Jesus’ Economy shows us not just how to effectively accomplish humanitarian and social goals, but how to minister to the poor. It’s a vision of how to strengthen the work of the kingdom of God that John and his wife, Kalene, are living. This includes advice for church-planting movements, equipping leaders, health initiatives, and education. Jesus’ Economy will help you achieve measurable transformation and develop people and communities.”


Senior Pastor, South Tulsa Baptist Church

Author, Harbor for the Poor

Jesus’ Economy is an invitation to a journey of faith in Christ’s transformative love. It equips you to uplift and to dignify the poor and, in so doing, glorifies Jesus Christ, who became poor that the world may experience the riches of that transformative love. The book also challenges humanity, particularly the church, to live a life of fruitfulness and worthy sacrifice.”


Director of PhD in Theological Studies Program, Nairobi International School of Theology

Associate Professor of Intercultural Studies, International Leadership University, Nairobi, Kenya

Coeditor, Communities of Faith in Africa and the African Diaspora

Jesus’ Economy offers a sound biblical understanding of poverty—both its roots and its alleviation. John’s text is personal and sincere, written with humility, and reflects the author’s actual experience of dealing with the needy. The approach he advocates is relational and holistic, bringing the soul and the body together. Moreover, John offers some very practical and feasible ideas for how to alleviate poverty through the local church. Worth reading!”


President, Intercultural Connections (a nonprofit in Russia mobilizing pastors to serve in areas with little Christian presence)

Former President, North Caucasus Bible Institute of Russia

Jesus’ Economy is a wonderful biblical and practical study—and it comes from the heart and mind of an expert in the field. John Barry sheds light on one of the most important issues of our day: that the church recognize its mission, not only inside its walls, but also outside them—looking after the impoverished, those whom Jesus cared about the most. The only hope for overcoming poverty in the world today is in Jesus and His church. Please don’t read this book if you are not ready to change your heart, mind, and attitude!”


Chairman, Missions Department, Evangelical Theological Seminary, Cairo, Egypt

Chairman of Council, Pastoral and Outreach Ministries for the Evangelical (Presbyterian) Church of Egypt

Author, The Practice of Mission in Egypt

Jesus’ Economy provides a fresh and compelling examination of Jesus’ teachings about poverty and the poor. Both personal and practical, it is a must-read for those who are tired of lukewarm and incomplete Christian endeavor to help those facing desperate economic challenges. It renews hope in the power of Jesus’ love to genuinely transform lives and communities—including our own!.”


Founder and President Emeritus, Kidzana Ministries (a nonprofit equipping children’s workers and leaders around the world)

“The title Jesus’ Economy: A Biblical View of Poverty, the Currency of Love, and a Pattern for Lasting Change is an incredible description of what you will discover in John Barry’s new book. It is an excellent resource on the life and ministry of Jesus Christ as a model for the contemporary church. Reading Jesus’ Economy will provide you with a foundation for holistic, cross-cultural ministry in a world void of love and compassion. The church is called to be part of God’s transforming mission to bring His kingdom to all nations. Barry shows how we can empower the global church by supporting the work of indigenous leaders and local believers. I heartily recommend this book to all who want to gain a biblical and theological perspective on how to follow and model Jesus today.”


Founder and CEO, South American Theological Seminary, Londrina, Brazil

“What can we do to bring about restoration and transformation in our society, which is in many ways characterized by injustice, unfairness, and brokenness? First, we need a new outlook and a new approach. Jesus’ Economy will not only change your perspective of the world but also motivate you to change your response toward those who are suffering and impoverished. John Barry discusses the stark reality of society’s brokenness, including the unjust distribution of resources in the world. But he also provides a framework for creating a better world as we join hands with Christ, who died to transform society holistically. Jesus' Economy is a great resource for any context.”


President, Lanka Bible College and Seminary, Peradeniya, Sri Lanka

Coeditor, Educating for Tomorrow: Theological Leadership for the Asian Context

Jesus’ Economy is a clear demonstration of the good news in action! John Barry shows us how God’s powerful grace and cross-shaped love are being manifested in our world of dire need. With moving stories, engaging information, and relevant teaching about empowering the impoverished and sharing the gospel, we are given a front-row seat to many such godly interventions. Barry, who is eminently competent to lead us on an incredible journey, shows us how we, too, can partner in nothing less than ‘Jesus’ economy.’”


Vice President and Dean of Faculty, Southern Asia Bible College, Kothanur, Bangalore, India

Jesus’ Economy is both a significant scholarly effort and a practical manual for missions. It reaches the North American reader, as well as my context of Eastern Europe and other regions. John Barry challenges, on both biblical (special revelation) and logical (general revelation) terms, the American church’s contemporary perspective on global missions. He invites us to work toward a holistic approach of sharing the gospel. We do this by moving away from both the culturally insensitive, imperialistic paradigm and the culturally sensitive, ‘withdrawal’ method—which prevents the contemporary church from achieving its global impact. Jesus’ Economy demonstrates how we can serve and empower the impoverished by allowing indigenous leaders to lead the way while providing for basic needs, fully loving other people, and giving sacrificially.”


Founding pastor, Vox Domini Baptist (Multisite) Church, Romania

President and founder, Churches with Global Impact

National Director, Ambassadors for Christ Romania

“In Jesus’ Economy, with the passion that characterizes him, John Barry challenges us to revisit our commitment to the needy, from two fronts. First, through a compelling case, he invites us to study and follow Jesus’ dedication to the poor. Second, due to his broad experience in the field, he gives invaluable advice to those who are involved in—or looking to be involved in—ministries to the impoverished around the world.”


Professor of New Testament Studies, Seminario Teológico Centroamericano, Guatemala

“In Jesus’ Economy, John Barry presents two major theses: first, we cannot separate spiritual poverty and material poverty; second, the only way to solve the problem of poverty at its root is love. The first thesis implies that the people of God are uniquely equipped to help the poor of the world. The second thesis may sound a bit simplistic, but Barry gives ample examples that helping the poor must begin with a genuine personal relationship with those in need. Only love can empower the poor to stand on their own. Without genuine relationship, our works of charity may actually hurt the ones we want to help. The book also gives an interesting exegesis of Paul’s view on poverty, and offers much practical advice on how to help needy people in our communities. This book is written by someone with lots of experience in fighting poverty in the real world, and is a great manual for those who intend to fight poverty in their own neighborhood.”


Associate Professor, China Graduate School of Theology, Hong Kong

Author, The Beauty of the Triune God

Jesus’ Economy presents a powerful opportunity to bring about change in a broken world. I thank God for brave people like John Barry who follow God's calling on His great mission. This book is about changing our mind-set on how best to alleviate poverty—moving from a segmented approach to a holistic one. To create an understanding of the depth of the needs we are dealing with, Barry cites a number of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and ‘fast facts,’ under such aims as ‘No Poverty,’ ‘Zero Hunger,’ and ‘Quality Education.’ Then Barry challenges us to lift the impoverished using Jesus’ economy (self-sacrifice) and His currency (love). This book is both Scripture-based and mindful of the reality of poverty today. It is a passionate appeal that seeks to ignite hope for progress, inspire a commitment to empower people entrenched in poverty, and offer practical ways to transform lives.”


Holistic Child Development department head and faculty member

Evangelical Theological College, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Jesus’ Economy is an honest, powerful, fact-based analysis of the reality of poverty in our times. It is also a strong, biblically grounded, pragmatic proposal for addressing the issue of poverty by the Christian community. What John Barry defines as ‘Jesus’ economy’ is a contemporary proposal for the extension of the kingdom’s most basic principles into contemporary, and mainly secular, cultures. Barry makes a persuasive theological case for active Christian involvement in response to poverty. A must-read for those who long for authentic 'Your kingdom come' transformation in our neighborhoods and nations.”


Founder, Go Global Ltd.

Former Vice President and Director of Global Studies, Oklahoma Wesleyan University

Past organizer and leader of humanitarian projects for various NGOs in Asia, Africa, Latin America, and Europe

Jesus’ Economy...what a revelation! John Barry has nailed it. We have been full-time missionaries living and serving in Haiti for twenty-seven years, and we wish this book had been written when we first moved here. It would have saved us many heartaches and steered us in the right direction to help the poor. In poverty-stricken countries and areas, our hearts tell us to 'give people a fish to eat' as soon as possible. But this is not the whole answer. The answer is teaching them about Jesus, the great Fisherman, and then 'teaching them how to fish,' to earn their living. We call this 'food for life.' They must all have Jesus, but they must also be given the dignity of having a job and depending on the Lord to help and guide them. This is the answer to world hunger and poverty. Awesome!”


Founders and Directors, Love a Child, Inc.

Coauthors, Love Is Something You Do

“John Barry’s Jesus’ Economy is a must-read for anyone who wants to make the world a better place by empowering the impoverished. Barry not only explains the issues of poverty, but he also offers long-term solutions for its alleviation, particularly in the developing world. He argues that lifting the impoverished requires addressing their spiritual needs as well as their physical ones. It also requires a sustainable system of ‘creating jobs, planting churches, meeting basic needs, and training people.’ For Barry, such assistance is motivated by Jesus’ ‘currency of love.’ Jesus’ Economy has given me fresh ideas about what it means to help others, and will change my giving habits.”


Assistant Professor of New Testament Studies, China Graduate School of Theology, Hong Kong

Author, Paul’s Viewpoint on God, Israel, and the Gentiles in Romans 9–11

“In his excellent book Jesus’ Economy, John Barry explores the needs of the developing world from an ‘eyes wide open’ perspective—seeing what is really at stake so the essential issues can be grasped. These are complex matters, and it is abundantly clear that Barry has a good understanding of them, as well as practical solutions for addressing them.”


Founder, Childcare Worldwide

Jesus’ Economy by John D. Barry is a great resource for individuals, churches, and communities. Barry clearly identifies the problem of poverty all around us and provides realistic options for how we should respond as individuals and congregations. Jesus’ Economy challenges the reader to respond as Jesus would expect us to, using the God-given resources we all have, to empower others. This book will change the hearts of individuals and provide an exciting strategic focus for your church mission.”


National Director, Anglican Network in Canada

“In the context of the developing world, Jesus’ Economy translates the Scriptures into reality. John Barry shows that we must first live within the sacred text—allowing it to read us, examine us, bring life to us, and transform us. It is here where we personally encounter God. In this way, with the biblical text as our interpretive lens, drawing us into communion with God, we can understand how to best eradicate poverty according to Jesus’ economy of sacrifice and love.”


Africa Inland Church, Tanzania

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