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Fund the Gears that Run the Engine

Without the Operations Fund, the Engine of Jesus' Economy Stops

We don't take a cut from your donations; we raise our Operations' costs separately from what you donate to the developing world. At this point, we also have an all-volunteer staff. You read that right: That's how much we believe in this. The Operations Fund is the engine behind our Fair Trade Shop and what pays for launching developing world projects. Every story you read about our projects, every interaction you have with our website, and even the phone bill is paid by this Fund.

Make the world a better place: donate to our Operations Fund.

The Impact of the Operations Fund

The vision of Jesus' Economy is transforming lives around the world. Our Operations Fund makes this possible. The goal on this page represents our expected Operations' costs for 2019. When it comes to the impact of your donation, the numbers say it all, as our 2015 overall stats as an entire organization show.

When Good News Reaches the Poor

Jesus' currency is love; his economy is based on self-sacrifice. The story of Jesus' Economy, the organization, shows what those ideas look like in practice. It's a story of renewing entire communities. It's a story of how our founders' self-sacrifice led to a global movement. And how that movement is creating jobs and churches for the impoverished and unreached. Good news is reaching the poor.

Learn more in "Our Vision, Our Story & 2015 Annual Report."

Our Operations Fund Keeps Everything Running

It Starts with the Boring Bills
  • Insurance and phone bills
  • Costs of computers, servers, and phones
  • Credit card and transaction fees: we cover these when you donate to developing world projects
It Fuels the Fair Trade Shop
  • Paying for our e-commerce platform, the tech behind our website
  • Growing our movement and job creation efforts via ads, print media, and events
  • Shipping products for events and photo shoots

It Runs the Platform and Launches Projects

  • Covering the costs of travel to the developing world
  • Funding speaking engagements and U.S. travel
  • Paying for specialized contract services, like media and web development
  • Eventually paying staff, as our founders currently volunteer full-time: they sold their house and nearly everything they owned to finance a year of volunteering

Every Dollar Donated Fuels the Movement

Cover the costs of creating jobs via our Fair Trade Shop.

Launch projects to bring the gospel to the unreached and meet basic needs.

Ensure that we can offer accountability and transparency for all our projects.

Help us spread the message of Jesus' Economy and develop the platform.

Jesus' Economy is a financially transparent, 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization.

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