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Provide Access to the Gospel in Bihar

In Bihar, India—one of the most impoverished places in the world—Santhosh and his wife Charul are telling people about the gospel who have never heard it before. Through the sponsorship of Jesus’ Economy, Santhosh and Charul are able to plant churches in villages where there isn’t a single church. They are spreading the gospel to their own people—they too grew up speaking Hindi in Bihar.

Create churches in Bihar by sponsoring Santhosh and please pray for him and Charul. The goal on this page represents the cost of sponsoring Santhosh's work for one year. This will be the fourth year of his sponsorship; his efforts should be self-sustaining after five to six years of sponsorship. Santhosh's sponsorship is part of the Renew Bihar, India project.

A Testimony from Santhosh's Ministry

At a community event, Santhosh began to share the gospel message. A woman listening realized that she needed Jesus in her life. That same day, she spoke with Santhosh and professed belief in Jesus. Yet, her day of profession was clouded with mourning. Her husband was spiritually set in his ways, an alcoholic, and abusive. So, she started praying continuously that her husband would stop drinking. After some days, her husband stopped drinking and also believed in Jesus. They both were baptized. The previous alcoholic now says that prayer and the grace of Jesus transformed his life. He is now sharing the gospel message with others and growing in his faith.

The Numbers Speak for Themselves

During the first two-year sponsorship of Santhosh by Jesus' Economy:
  • Over 10,000 people have heard of Jesus
  • 11 house churches have been established 
  • 189 people have said "I Believe"
  • 143 people have said "Baptize me"
  • 28 villages now have access to the gospel 
Santhosh also initiated the drilling of a Jesus' Economy sponsored water well.


“I was involved in all kinds of evil works and it killed the peace in my life,” says Santhosh. “I was an atheist and used to tease Christians because I did not like them or their beliefs. At the compulsion of my friend, I attended a prayer meeting. As the pastor spoke, the Word of God touched my life. During the time of worship and prayer, the Pastor put his hand on my head and prayed for me. I felt the power of God coming on me in a mighty way and I started rejoicing in the presence of God.”

“I started telling others about my experience during that prayer meeting. And I wanted to know more about Jesus Christ and study His Word. God opened a way for me to study in a Bible college for three years.”

“During the course of my Bible training, I became sick for 40 days. Even after seeking (and doing) all possible medical treatment, I was not cured from the sickness. The Bible college authorities told me to go back to my home, as they were unable to keep me there anymore.  I was really worried. It was a testing time for me.”

“For a whole night I prayed and pleaded for God to heal me completely—and God did a miracle for me. The next morning, I became alright and thus was able to complete my training program. After a couple of years of training, I happened to meet another pastor who works with Transformation India Movement (TIM). I shared my desire to become a church planter with him—and I was able to receive leadership from TIM. After successful completion of my six months of training I decided to join TIM to reach out the unreached with the gospel message.”

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