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Unending Fun

Step into vogue fashion with these beautiful aluminum earrings, hand-cut and made from recycled materials locally-sourced in Haiti. Be a part of a beautiful change when you support several artisans with your purchase. A man named Joseu collects the aluminum, cuts, files and shapes it. You can see more of his products here. Then Emanise, who you'll read more about below, shapes the metal pieces into beautiful jewelry. Support these artisans and their work. Pick up your earrings today. 

Artisan's Story

In Jubilee, Haiti, Emanise is working with other artisans to create these beautiful earrings. She is married with six children and is an excellent cook. Her earring sales have given her enough capital to start a small business selling food from her home. She is investing the proceeds from her sales right back into the community where she lives and works so that her family and friends can continue to live sustainably. 

Product Details

Dimensions and Qualities
  • Dimensions: total length is 3", width at widest point is 1 1/4"
  • Made from 100% recycled aluminum
  • Includes a handmade clay bead
Origins and Guarantee
  • Made in Haiti
  • Created by artisans via 2nd Story Goods
  • Ships from the U.S.
  • 100% money back guarantee, for up to 90 days

Fair Trade Product Features

Fashionable and lovely.

Made from recycled materials.

Creates jobs in Haiti, for people from extreme poverty situations.

Part of the Jesus' Economy shopping model, benefiting developing world communities.

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