Cuff Bracelets from Haiti: Split Leather

by: 2nd Story Goods

Category: Accessories, Bracelets

Leather Lovely

What goes great with your favorite pair of leather boots? These leather cuffs. In an elegant grey or yellow, their understatement will be your definitiveness. Show of your unique qualities with a handmade accessory from Haitian artists. Pick up a split leather cuff today.

Artisan's Story

Leather artist, Benson Thermidor, started out binding hymnals in his house. His friends found out what he could do and commissioned him to bind books. About that time, Jesus' Economy's partner, 2nd Story Goods, came in contact with Benson. They immediately saw his talent for leather work and commission him to make leather journals (which you can purchase in our store today). Since that time, Benson's leather business has exploded. He's trained other artisans in his community, and together they're making computer cases, totes, briefcases, wallets, and other items. Take a look in our store for more leather products from Benson and his colleagues. 

Product Details

  • Made from fair trade, locally-sourced sheep skin
  • Features two-snap closure
Origins and Guarantee
  • Made in Haiti
  • Created by artisans via 2nd Story Goods
  • Ships from the U.S.
  • 100% money back guarantee, for up to 90 days

Fair Trade Product Features

Creates jobs in Haiti, for people from extreme poverty situations.

A Fair Trade product.

Part of Jesus' Economy's shopping model, benefiting developing world communities.

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