Ornaments from Haiti: Clay Star

by: 2nd Story Goods

Category: Ornaments

Hope Hanging on the Tree

These clay ornaments are the first products of the brand new clay guild in Jubilee, Haiti. It all begins with clay, sourced in the heart of Haiti. The clay guild brings it in 100 lb dry bags. Then the team reconstitute the clay with water in big steel drum, and presses the wet clay through a screen for further purification. The clay is then left to dry for a day or two. After that, the clay guild works it's genius by kneading the moist clay into shape, firing it, added a glaze, and firing it again! Many hands have touched this great piece coming into your home. Some glaze, some attach beads and twine, others knead. Thoughtfulness is what they bring to you. Hope is what you bring to them. Pick up your fair trade clay ornament today!

The Story Behind the Product

Bab is one of the artists in the clay guild. He is also talented in working with bamboo. Previously, Bab lead of team of artists making musical instruments and wind chimes from the locally-sourced bamboo. Bab also oversaw the building of a clay over for all of 2nd Story Goods' (a partner organization of Jesus' Economy) clay productions. Bab is a young, strong leader. He has big visions for the community of Jubilee, where 2nd Story Goods works to bring beauty (and jobs!) to the lives of Haitians living there. 

Product Details

Dimensions and Qualities
  • Dimensions: 3.5" x 3.5"
  • Made from locally-sourced clay
Origins and Guarantee
  • Made in Haiti
  • Created by artisans via 2nd Story Goods
  • Ships from the U.S.
  • 100% money back guarantee, for up to 90 days

Fair Trade Product Features

An ornament packed with meaning.

Made from locally-sourced material.

Creates jobs in Haiti, for people from extreme poverty situations.

Part of the Jesus' Economy shopping model, benefiting developing world communities.

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