Wallets from Haiti: Goat Leather

by: 2nd Story Goods

Category: Accessories, Bags, Wallets

Sturdy and Sustainable

Made from smooth goat leather, this wallet is handcrafted by artisans in Gonaives, Haiti. These talented artisans are supported by Second Story Goods, an organization nurturing entrepreneurship in Gonaives. By purchasing this wallet, you are helping people such as Christianna and Phillipe formulate a "second story" in their lives by trading handouts for a system of enterprise. Much like this wallet, that's a story you can carry around with you!

The Story Behind the Product

Benson has a leather studio in Jubilee village, Haiti, where he trains his fellow community artisans on the art of leather work. In this impoverished village, where work is often undependable and low paying, Benson's studio is a grace to the community.

Through his partnership with 2nd Story Goods, a local non-profit in Gonaives, Benson employs several people to make these bags—as well as journals, belts and the other leather pieces you find in our store. 

Product Details

Dimensions and Qualities
  • Made from real, locally-sourced goat leather
  • Includes photo window and pockets for credit cards
Origins and Guarantee
  • Made in Haiti
  • Created by artisans via 2nd Story Goods
  • Ships from the U.S.
  • 100% money back guarantee, for up to 90 days

Fair Trade Product Features

A handmade, elegant daily use wallet.

Creates jobs in Haiti, for people from extreme poverty situations.

Part of the Jesus' Economy shopping model, benefiting developing world communities.

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