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Provide the Hope of Christ

Provide access to the gospel in Northeast India. Bring the hope of Christ to unreached villages. Sponsor church planter Advik today.

Advik currently serves in five different remote villages. Advik regularly speaks to three small groups in forming house churches. Through his efforts, 15 people have believed in Jesus and four are ready to be baptized. Advik's sponsorship is part of the Renew Bihar, India project.

Transforming Lives with the Gospel

Advik is entering the second year of his planned five- to six-year sponsorship. After five to six years, the churches he is planting will be self-sustaining. The goal on this page represents the cost of sponsoring Advik for one year. One of the villages where Advik is working is where a water well sponsored by Jesus’ Economy was recently drilled (pictured here). Advik is bringing the hope of the Living Water, Christ, to those who recently received clean water.

How Jesus Transformed Advik's Life

As a child, Advik heard about Jesus Christ from the Roman Catholic Church. However, it wasn’t enough to quench his thirst to know more about Jesus Christ. And like others in his village, he continued to follow the customs and prevailing traditions. He also developed an addiction for alcohol; he spent his money on it and traded time with his friends for it.

As an adult, Advik was a man with no great hope or aim in life. One day, a pastor came to his remote village in Northeast India. As the pastor shared about Jesus Christ, Advik realized that the gospel is what he had longed for. When the pastor spoke the words, "Jesus loves you," he felt peace in his mind. Advik chose to believe in Jesus. He was baptized in 2008.

After committing his life fully to Jesus, Advik heard about some people from his village who were going to a Bible training session. With his newfound passion for Jesus in place, he found a way to attend the training. Advik attended Bible training for three years, after which his family also came to know Jesus as their Savior. Training made him realize he wanted to dedicate his life to telling others about Jesus.

Advik desires to bring the hope of Christ to remote villages in Northeast India. Partner with him today to renew hope in Bihar.

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