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Provide Access to the Gospel in Bihar

More than 700 villagers in Northeast India, many of whom have never heard of Jesus, now know of the gospel due to the efforts of our newest Church Planter: Rahul.

Create churches in Bihar by sponsoring Rahul and please pray for him. The goal on this page represents the cost of sponsoring Rahul for one year; he is entering the second year of his sponsorship. After five to six years of sponsorship, the house churches Rahul plants will be self-sustaining. Rahul's sponsorship is part of the Renew Bihar, India project.

Rahul is Transforming Lives

This year, Rahul has gone to five different villages to spread the word of the Lord. In one village, there had been water quarrels as there was no easy way for most villagers to get access to clean water. After Rahul facilitated the drilling of a public water well for the village, many of the villagers were eager to learn more about Jesus, the Living Water. This well was sponsored by Jesus’ Economy.

Rahul is pictured here with his bicycle sponsored by a Jesus' Economy donor.

How Jesus Transformed Rahul's Life

During his childhood, Rahul lost all of his male siblings and had to quickly learn how to provide for his family. He also spent his young adult years spiritually searching. He was looking for a solution to his pain. He didn’t find peace until he found Jesus. Rahul is now providing those who have never heard the name of Jesus with access to the gospel. But he can't do this work without the partnership of others. Partner with Rahul today through your prayer and giving.

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