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John here, Founder of Jesus' Economy. I will never forget the day we decided to launch the Empowering Women program in Bihar, India. It was the day a woman placed her hands in mine and began to weep. She said, "I can now afford to keep my kids in school, but keeping food on their plates often feels impossible. I am constantly facing the decision of whether to eat or pay for school supplies or clothing for my children. Will you pray for me and my children?" She could pay for her kids to go to school through her sewing work, which she learned via a non-profit sewing school, but her business needed a boost.

Women like this are ready to work hard to offer their children a better life; they just need the opportunity. Together, we can offer them the opportunity they deserve. Jesus' Economy is offering graduates of a sewing school the chance to learn how to make products for a western market—as well as learn business basics and ethical business practices. 

Let's work together to offer families hope.


Fund previous sewing school graduates to make products for a western market—as well as learn business basics and ethical business practices. You can help create profitable jobs.

Our partner in Bihar, India has already taught women how to sew, which gives them a marketable skill, but these women are limited by their local, impoverished communities. While these women have work, they don't yet have skills that can lift them out of poverty.

By partnering with us, you can empower a woman in Bihar, India to lift her family out of poverty. Each female entrepreneur will provide a sustainable income for her entire family. If you're passionate about empowering women or caring for children, this is the ideal opportunity. Your donation renews the lives of impoverished women and their kids. The goal on this page represents the remaining amount needed to launch the Empowering Women Program. The Empowering Women Program is part of the Renew Bihar, India project.


Our business training program will teach 40 women how to expand their fledgling businesses. The training occurs in two phases. First, an outside trainer—who will donate their time and cover their own travel expenses—offers a one-week training session on how to: go through a product development cycle; manage employees; handle accounting; and run an ethical, fair trade business.

In the second phase of training, an indigenous, highly-skilled trainer will offer hands-on product development training. This trainer offers a two-week training session that guides the women through their own product development cycle and teaches further business ethics. The product development trainer will also be available for an additional 10 weeks, to offer free consulting to the women, especially regarding quality assurance and control. By the end of the training, the women are equipped to sell high-quality products locally and on the western market. They will have moved from being tailors and seamstresses to running a full company that sells products internationally.

After the training, the women will be eligible for a microloan from Jesus’ Economy to purchase supplies for their expanding businesses. The microloan fund will cover up to 20 women receiving a microloan, anticipating that only 50% of the women in the program will also choose the microloan option. A microloan from Jesus’ Economy will help a woman purchase supplies for her expanding business. Jesus' Economy also changes the economic paradigm by becoming the guaranteed buyer of the products the women are trained to create. Jesus' Economy will sell these products via our fair trade shop.

The situation in Bihar is dire and this is how we can sustainably do something about it.


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This entire program costs $23,000. Each of these 40 ladies has two people she is supporting on average, which means 120 people will be lifted out poverty through this program. This means that it takes $190 to lift a person out of poverty or $575 to empower a woman to lift her entire family out of poverty. By partnering with us, you can empower a woman in Bihar, India to lift her family out of poverty.

100% of your donations go to India to support job creation efforts.

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