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The people of Bihar, India are suffering from nearly every problem affiliated with extreme poverty, while also lacking access to the gospel. And the need is great: 104 Million people are living in Bihar. That’s the equivalent of the population of Germany, Belgium, and Austria, plus 3 million people, living in a state a little larger than Maine. 101 Million of these people do not have access to the gospel. The stats about Bihar are staggering.

Bihar is Ready for Renewal

Against all odds, Bihar has been developing for the last several years, and it’s ready for even more rapid positive change. Together, we can accelerate the positive change. We've built relationships with the people of Bihar so that you can directly empower them. We heard the needs of the people of Bihar, came up with solutions with them, and are renewing their community with them. Partner with us to create jobs, plant churches, and meet basic needs—all in one region of Bihar, at one time.

Designed with the People of Bihar, Executed by Them

In Bihar, we're standing alongside the impoverished, empowering women to lift themselves out of poverty, and meeting basic needs. We're bringing the gospel to the unreached. We're offering spiritual and physical renewal. And we're doing it all through partnership.

Renew Bihar Scope and Progress

The total Renew Bihar project is budgeted at $97,500, hence the goal on this page. The project involves: creating jobs for 40 women via business training and microloans; funding four indegenous church planters for six years each, until their churches become self-sufficient; and drilling nine water wells, one per area the church planters are working. Collectively, this project means holistic renewal. Thanks to our partnership with donors like you and the tenacious spirit of the people of Bihar, we're renewing homes, hearts, and hope.

Read Our Field Reports to See Our Progress

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