Gain Marketable Skills While Transforming Lives

Already into your career but looking to gain a new skill set? Jesus' Economy has created a unique apprentice program that combines volunteering with a life coaching plan. Together, we will design a life coaching plan around your particular goals and ambitions. You will then put into practice your learning with Jesus' Economy. Our apprentice program is life-coaching meets philanthropy.

About the Apprentice Program

There was a day and time when all hard skills were taught through an apprentice program. And to this day, if you want to become a carpenter or electrician, you apprentice to learn the skills of the trade. There is great value in working alongside an expert. Our apprentice program emulates this model, helping people acquire skills in software engineering, editorial, marketing, community and partnership development, and non-profit management. The skills you will acquire will be directly applicable to your career development. You will be able to cite for an employer your work portfolio for Jesus' Economy.

Interested in an Apprenticeship?

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