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The Future of Missions in an Interconnected World

Our world is more interconnected than ever before. With the power of modern technology, we could reasonably bring the good news of Jesus to the last unreached people groups in our lifetimes.

Imagine a world where indigenous church planters were connected to global mentors and donors. Imagine connecting developing world entrepreneurs to international commerce. Imagine alleviating poverty and bringing the gospel to the unreached in a creative, technology-driven fashion. Imagine what could be. These are the opportunities in front of us. Come hear John D. Barry, Editor of Faithlife Study Bible and Founder of the innovative non-profit Jesus' Economy, explain how we leverage these opportunities, biblically.

How to Fix Global Inequality

Global inequality is the root cause of much of the world's problems. If you can't feed or educate your children, you will become desperate. Desperate people do desperate things. Desperation even breeds terrorism. But we can do something about it. We have the power.

Impoverished communities are especially vulnerable to corruption and exploitation. If we could fix these ethical problems and create fair-wage jobs, we could cut off the problem at its source. We could change the world. The key to all this: technology, organization, and simple choices. We need action and we need the right plan. And all of this provides opportunities for us here in the U.S. In solving global inequality, we may just have a solution to economic inequality in the U.S. John D. Barry believes in these ideas so much that he has given up everything to make this vision happen—selling his house, his possessions, and quitting a great job. Come hear John explain what motivated him to make these drastic decisions—and the part he believes we all can play in transforming our communities and world.

About John D. Barry

John D. Barry is the CEO and Founder of Jesus' Economy, an innovative non-profit creating jobs and churches in the developing world. From making giving customizable to providing an online Fair Trade Shop, Jesus' Economy is innovating to alleviate global poverty. John is also the Editor of Faithlife Study Bible and Lexham Bible Dictionary, which are used by more than 1 Million people. He is the author or editor of 30 books. He speaks internationally on overcoming inequality and how to effectively alleviate poverty. Learn more about John.

John's Speaking Schedule in Ithaca

"The Future of Missions in an Interconnected World" | April 20 @ 6pm | Bethel Grove Bible Church RSVP Here

"How to Fix Global Inequality" | April 21 @ 7pm | Greater Ithaca Activities Center Gym | RSVP Here

"Love and Religion" | April 22 @ 4pm | Ithaca Commons | Believe in Love Conference


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