Inform Your Church How Best to Help the Impoverished

Helping the poor is difficult; for many, it's frightening. But it shouldn't be.

As the CEO and Founder of Jesus' Economy, John D. Barry is dedicated to empowering people to serve the poor and spread the gospel. Jesus' Economy is doing this through creating jobs, planting churches, and meeting needs in the developing world. Now, John is personally extending this effort by teaching people in the U.S. how best to serve the impoverished.

But John is no ordinary non-profit CEO. He is also a Missionary with Resurrect Church Movement, the division of Jesus' Economy dedicated to equipping Norther American churches to effectively alleviate poverty and provide access to the gospel. Before going full-time with Jesus' Economy, John was a volunteer for four years. During that time he served as the founding Publisher of Lexham Press for Faithlife Corporation (makers of Logos Bible Software). He is also the General Editor of the very-popular works Faithlife Study Bible and Lexham Bible Dictionary. In addition, John is the former editor-in-chief of Bible Study Magazine, which he launched and led for six years. He is also the author or coauthor of 14 books, including the widely endorsed, Jesus' Economy: A Biblical View of Poverty, the Currency of Love, and a Pattern for Lasting Change.

John would like to speak at your next event

John would be happy to speak on:
  • How to help the poor without hurting them.
  • The theology of helping the poor.
  • How Christians today can be like the early church in their approach to serving communities.
  • Or other topics.

Each of these messages involves incredible stories from John's apprenticeship in Bihar, India (serving alongside a pastor and community developer in one of the poorest places on earth) and from his time serving as a chapel speaker for the homeless. John's stories about helping the poor are both heartbreaking and inspiring.

When John speaks, he also shares about his personal testimony: As a child he had such a severe speech impediment that no one could understand him, and through nothing short of a miracle and hard work, God worked in John's life to overcome the impediment. John uses this story, as well as the stories of life transformation he has witnessed to illustrate the power of God to perform miracles today, and overcome any problem we face, including extreme poverty.

You can read some of John's thoughts on how best to help the poor in Relevant Magazine.

Invite John to speak: Email or call 1-855-355-3266.

A Few Endorsements of John as a Speaker

"Hearing John speak is energizing for the soul of an activist. He recently spoke at our Justice Conference and I was at the edge of my seat receiving both the biblical vision of helping the poor and personally humbled by the call. John helps the poor, cares about what he does, has a vision, and is devoted to the hard work. I thank God for raising up John as a leader among us. When he teaches, he has a prophet's passion—showing us how to care for 'the least of these.'"

 —Mike VanderKwaak, Executive Pastor of New Life Church, Abbotsford

"Over the past five years that I've known John, and as he has shared his heart with our church over those years, John has always spoken with integrity, passion, and power about the Lord's calling on his life. His youthful, tireless energy is contagious and our church has been blessed because of him. We were challenged, inspired, and amazed at what God has done—and is doing—through his servant John."

—Jeff Flint, Pastor of First Baptist Church Bellingham

"John spoke at our Acts Now! conference, for International Christian Response. Our attendees said that his speech really stood out from other speakers. John displays lots of energy and determination when he speaks and encourages people to change the world by acting how Jesus would act. I fully endorse John as a speaker and Jesus' Economy as a partner—they're dedicated to helping church planters in difficult places and explain how people can do so."

—U.S. Director of International Christian Response

"I get excited every time I have the blessing of hearing John speak. I get excited, because I know how God will use John to bring a biblically sound, gospel centered message, that both encourages and convicts me. God has given John a heart for the disenfranchised and conveying the power of the gospel in a broken world. God has blessed our church, The Table, tremendously through the gifts of John and his ministry." 

 —Aaron Walters, Pastor of The Table

"I am encouraged every time I spend time with John Barry. He is just the kind of young leader the church needs today—committed to Christ, a serious biblical scholar, bold and articulate, savvy about the culture, and passionate about the church's global mission. You will find him a gifted and enthusiastic speaker. I highly recommend his ministry."

 —Steve Gage, Interim Pastor of First Baptist Church of Hamilton, Ohio

"John D. Barry has a well-organized, winsome manner. He is well educated, multi-talented and manifestly experienced as a speaker and writer. His experience as a publisher-editor with Logos Bible Software and Bible Study Magazine assures those considering using his ministry of his integrity, experience, commitment, and depth as a Christian scholar."

 —Dr. Jerry Hopkins, Chairperson of Christian Writer's Conference at East Texas Baptist University

"John knows his stuff. His biblical scholarship is excellent. You might therefore envision him buried in the latest theological release or hidden in a library. When I first met John, I was inspired to find him lending his biblical scholarship to a group of homeless men and women where he would respond to their questions of faith. John is a practitioner—aggressively applying all God has created him to be. His desire to see the church reach its full potential is contagiously inspiring."

 —Dave Bushnell, Community Life Pastor of Cornwall Church

"John's passion for making an impact in the world is contagious. It is fantastic to hear of the creative ways he has used his abilities to make sustainable change in the lives and faith of others. I have had John speak to interns and our discipleship class, and he is a great example of living with courage and conviction. I am sure you will love his stories and hearing how he is helping around the world."

 —Derek Archer, CTK Network Pastor at Christ the King Community Church

See over 40 recommendations of John on his LinkedIn profile.

Is this really all about fundraising?

We believe that time speaking at a church should not be about fundraising. John delivers a message about God's work around the world and the awe inspiring power of it. John is first and foremost a minister, and used to run a ministry where he preached weekly, so he understands how valuable and important time speaking to your congregation is. John's desire is to preach the good news of Jesus, not fundraise.

When a benevolence offering is given to Jesus' Economy after John speaks, towards helping impoverished communities around the globe, John is very grateful, but that is not his goal. It is not even John's goal for him or Jesus' Economy to be paid by your congregation to speak; he doesn't expect that at all. John's goal is to share about God's love for the hurting of the world and how we can best help them, and that message does not end with a sales pitch; it ends with a call to action locally and globally. If someone chooses to take that action via Jesus' Economy, that's great, but John just calls for the action. It's up to church leaders how to direct people to take that action.

More on John D. Barry

John is a regularly featured speaker on Christian leadership and thought at church and non-profit events. John is the author or coauthor of 14 books about the Bible, such as Resurrected Servant in Isaiah, Connect the Testaments: A 365-Day Devotional, and Cutting Ties with DarknessJohn's speaking engagements have included keynoting for a National Day of Prayer event, presenting at the national Society of Biblical Literature and Evangelical Theological Society meetings, and preaching at mega churches. He has been preaching regularly since he was a teenager, has been featured on several radio stations and podcasts, and has authored over 150 articles.

As an active volunteer at the executive level for organizations, John has served as treasurer for a homeless rescue mission, as president for a church start-up, and as co-chairman for a government appointed advisory board. Previously, John co-founded and directed a parachurch ministry and ministered often to the homeless. He has also served as a community relations coordinator for a developing world non-profit. John regularly travels with his wife Kalene and dog Milton, as they visit and equip churches around the U.S. and Canada.

You can read John's extended biography here.

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