Jeffery does accounting and bookkeeping at Summersides Residents Association in Alberta, Canada. He was formally the Director of Academic Advising and Student Life at ACTS Seminaries, a consortium of five denominational seminaries working together to prepare and equip Christian leaders for vocational and lay ministry. Jeffery will also be graduating with his Master of Arts in Christian Studies at ACTS Seminaries in 2014.

 After high school, Jeffery started his own company offering accounting services as a consultant working with small businesses in Calgary, Alberta. During that time, he earned his B.A. in Communications and Culture with a minor in Business Management and Society, from the University of Calgary.

 During his studies, Jeffery began to serve as a pastor of a university congregation associated with Power to Change, where he first got a taste of the ministry of preparing and equipping Christians for service and ministry. After his undergraduate studies, he continued to work for a few years in the accounting field for both secular and Christian organizations.

 At ACTS Seminaries, Jeffery helps students discern their academic and vocational goals. He has the honor and joy of working in an environment that is all about serving, preparing, and equipping Christian leaders for God's work in the world. Jeffery is also a regular lecturer and preacher at local churches, Bible colleges, and seminaries. His areas of interest and study are Pastoral Theology (with a focus on ministry to and with the “differently-abled”) and Leadership Studies (“followership” as the foundation of Christian leadership).

You can connect with Jeffery on LinkedIn.