Jesus’ Economy’s Fair Trade Standards

Business should be about providing livelihoods and fostering community values.
If done right, fair trade is one way to change lives through business. Fair trade products are purchased at a price that allows for people to overcome poverty. Fair trade creates safe, sustainable, and profitable jobs. It also provides high quality products for people around the world to use and enjoy. 

Jesus' Economy Is Committed to:

Jesus’ Economy lists products made in the developing world to create jobs for those that need them most. We then sell these products to fund life transformation.

In addition to only providing fair trade products, the term direct trade is applicable to any products Jesus’ Economy lists (and sells) straight from artisans or entrepreneurs. There is value in both types of relationships. Buying fair trade goods from cooperatives and organizations that represent artisans often benefits the community at large, as funds from the sale further the organization or cooperative’s initiatives to meet the community’s needs. Buying direct trade allows the individual artisan or entrepreneur to expand their business and create much-needed jobs. Neither relationship is preferable to the other and each relationship represents positive economic growth. All Jesus' Economy direct trade relationships are also fair trade relationships.

To ensure all product purchases are creating positive economic growth, we ask that every company and organization we list products from sign an agreement stating that they: 

For newer fair trade businesses, we go an extra step to ensure that fair trade standards are in place by:


Pictures and descriptions of our entrepreneur's workplaces are on file in our office and each partner has a copy of our fair trade agreement.

it is Jesus’ Economy’s goal to visit each of our long-term partnership locations to ensure that the products you receive represent positive and sustainable economic growth for their communities.

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