Kalene is a full-time executive for Jesus' Economy. She is one of the co-founders, and was there the day that the idea that became Jesus' Economy was first discussed. 


Previously, she has served as a grant analyst for One Day’s Wages in their efforts to help meet the UN millennium development goals. This included researching and interviewing community-based and international organizations and evaluating thoroughly their viability and sustainability. She has also helped established and start-up non-profits with hospitality oversight, retreat planning, event planning, and establishing and growing mentoring relationships. In addition, Kalene has previously co-founded and helped lead a parachurch ministry with her husband, served as a bookkeeper, and as a technical recruiter for a software company.

Kalene is trained in assisting underprivileged women and children, has worked with the homeless and impoverished, and is trained in assisting abused or suicidal teens and their parents. In addition, she has been a caregiver for the elderly, helping them with medical, finances, legal death wishes, and household estates.

From 2004 forward, Kalene has led Bible studies, small groups, worship ministries, and been a public speaker.

She has done service work in an impoverished area of Mexico and has traveled extensively in nearly all of the European countries, including living and studying in Germany for six months. Her education includes obtaining a Liberal Arts B.A. in Humanities, specializing in German Studies from Western Washington University.

Kalene was there the first time Jesus’ Economy was discussed. It’s a good thing coffee was involved, because it set the pace for the amount of mochas involved since then. Milton the dog, who once had his own birthday campaign for a cause, is a daily partner in her efforts to alleviate poverty.

You can connect with Kalene on LinkedIn, follow her on Twitter, email her at kalene@jesuseconomy.org, or read her random, Northern Exposure style musings on her blog.