Kati Clair, Social Media Coordinator

Kati Clair, Apprentice, Marketing and Social Media

Kati Clair is an administrative assistant by day and volunteer for Jesus' Economy by night. A lover of the written word, she enjoys using her writing, editing, and photography skills for good.

Kati formerly served as an Apprentice in Marketing and Social Media with Jesus' Economy. In addition to her role as Social Media Coordinator, Kati still advocates for Jesus' Economy on Instagram and handles various research and writing projects for Jesus' Economy. In a former life, she was a master barista; this is a trade that comes in handy when you moonlight for Jesus' Economy.

Her other interests include food, coffee, exploration, theology, and visual art. She is grateful for the opportunity to live out the love of Christ with the Jesus’ Economy team. Kati believes that people are created by God, for good work in Christ (Ephesians 2:10)—she lives that principle by serving with Jesus’ Economy and lovingly serving those around her.