Our Partners in Renewing Bihar, India

Primary Project Partner

For more than a decade, Transformation India Movement has empowered the poor and marginalized people in Bihar through development work and services, such as water well-drilling, literacy training, temporary village medical clinics, a women’s empowerment program, and long-term assistance for at-risk children. Jesus' Economy is partnering with Transformation India Movement for all efforts on the ground in Bihar.

Curriculum Partner

B&H graciously provided curriculum for our church planters, and additional church planters affiliated with our efforts, to expand their education.



Birthday dedications have been a major contributor to funding the Renew Bihar project. Instead of receiving presents, people from around the U.S. have chosen to dedicate their birthdays to church planting, empowering women, and providing clean water. See our moving, and often hilarious, birthday dedications.


Calvary Fellowship Fountain Valley
To promote the Renew Bihar project, the CEO of Jesus' Economy was invited to preach at Calvary Fellowship Fountain Valley about being called but confused (as part of their Genesis sermon series). Calvary also fiscally partnered to Renew Bihar.

Jesus Makes the Difference Ministries
Nathan R. Byrd, the leader of Jesus Makes the Difference Ministries, regularly advocates for the Renew Bihar project at The Worship Center NYC. Jesus Makes the Difference has also fiscally sponsored Renew Bihar.

The Table
The Table supports the Renew Bihar project through regular advocacy. The Table has also fiscally partnered with Jesus' Economy by dedicating a week's offering.


Corban Students Empowering Women Event
A group of Corban students sponsored business training for women in Bihar and is hosting a special event on Corban's campus, where the CEO of Jesus' Economy will speak.

The Justice Conference Abbotsford
The Justice Conference Abbotsford invited Jesus’ Economy CEO to speak about loving a whole person, not just their need.

St. George's Anglican Church
St. George's invited Jesus’ Economy CEO to speak about the Gospel of Mark, calling, and renewing Bihar, India.

Trinity Bible Church
Trinity Bible Church invited Jesus' Economy CEO to share about the Renew Bihar, India project.


If you would like to sponsor renewal in Bihar, India via your church, business, non-profit, or donating your birthday, please contact us at info@jesuseconomy.org or 1-855-355-3266. We would be thrilled to discuss the possibility of featuring you and your sponsorship on this page.

Learn more about Bihar, India and our life transformation efforts there: