Our Principles and Financial Transparency

In 2012, when we established Jesus' Economy, we organized it legally and fiscally around principles. To ensure that these principles would be followed, we included them in our bylaws, early resolutions, or on our website. These principles represent what we believe is a new and better solution to charity. At the legal heart of this is our fiscal model: we put 100% of donations into the developing world, unless the donor clearly designates otherwise.

How Our Fiscal Model Works

Every last dollar you donate goes exactly where you designate. If you donate $100 to a developing world project, we send a full $100 to the developing world, to the exact project you designated. Likewise, if you donate $100 to a developing world fund, such as microloans, we will only spend your $100 on what you designated and only in the developing world. We even cover credit card fees. This is possible because we separate our U.S. costs from our developing world projects. This is known in accounting as using a restricted funds' model. Our administrative budget and other U.S. costs is raised through specifically designated donations to our Operations Fund. If a donation is not designated at all, we apply it to community transformation in the developing world.

In addition, Jesus' Economy reinvests all profit from product purchases. A portion of this profit helps fund our U.S. costs. After the artisan and the organization they work through has made a profit, and all costs of goods are covered, the remaining profit from product sales helps pay for our U.S. costs.

Partnership is Everything to Us

To ensure further fiscal responsibility and sustainability, every one of our projects is designed with local leaders and organizations. We then, whenever possible, partner with local leaders and organizations. This partnership usually happens through Jesus' Economy providing local, developing world organizations with grants. If a local partner is not available, because of the technical scope of the work that needs to be done, we do our best to find a suitable partner via another organization; this will often be another U.S. partner who can conduct the work in the region we're working in. We are facilitators of transformation for developing world communities: we do not aim to do all the work but instead to make sure all the work happens. Partnership is a core belief of Jesus' Economy; as such, we have partners all over the world.

We're Transparent: Here are the Documents

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The Principles Behind Jesus' Economy

Jesus' Economy is committed to living by these principles:

Complete Legal TransparencyComplete Financial TransparencyDirect and/or Fair TradeFair Market Value Wages for EmployeesWhistle Blower Policy EnforcedConflicts of Interest Avoided

Majority Independent BoardDonations Allocated to Restricted FundsAdministration Funds Raised Separately or Clearly DesignatedOnline Reporting and Documentation of All Projects

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