We have the global economy in mind

We connect developing world entrepreneurs to global shoppers, to create large-scale economic change.

Reality today in the developing world

In recent years, we've seen the effectiveness of the microloan, but there is one problem with a traditional microloan: the loan structure ignores macroeconomics. The economy isn’t actually changing at any sort of large scale; instead, small amounts of cash is changing hands.

Economic reality of the developing world

But Jesus' Economy Approach is Different:

Direct and fair trade makes the money change hands from the very wealthy to those with the most needs. A global emarketplace for buying direct and fair trade products and funding people directly, like what Jesus' Economy offers, could change the economics of our globe. Jesus' Economy also serves as the guaranteed buyer at the end of a microloan cycle to ensure economic transformation.

Jesus' Economy approach to developing world problems.

We make economic change sustainable through church planters.

Healthy churches, funded by Jesus' Economy, can end corruption. This makes the wealth created by entrepreneurs much more likely to be sustainable.

Entrepreneurs plus church planters equals healthy economy.

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